Practice doga with your dogi (yes, dog yoga)

August 1, 2011

Doga (long “o”) –the dogi (also long “o”) version of yoga– purports to be a way to bond with and calm your dog, something Riley could definitely benefit from.

Riley enjoys practicing doga with M, who has a special chant for those occasions. It goes like this:


(Say it aloud, yourself. You might remember it from years ago on Saturday Night Live.)

Sometimes, though, my dogi (long “o”) isn’t so compliant:

Doga is apparently a trend, but I think it’s supposed to have a little more dogi participation than in these videos.

Honey, the big dog below, is very…relaxed. I am not sure how the dog benefits from these particular poses.

Toby says, “this isn’t hard at all!”

If you practice doga with your dogi, I’d love to hear about it.

2 comments on “Practice doga with your dogi (yes, dog yoga)
  1. yourstruly says:

    Teehee…ooookay,the dogs are more props than “dogis” though aren’t they!I’d call em “drops”,lol!

  2. I know, funny, isnt’ it? Thanks for dropping by!

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