Oh, those crazy presidential candidates!

September 22, 2015

presidential-candidatesAs much as I can’t stand all the crazies of electioneering, it’s been hard to miss the good, the bad and the ugly of candidates making their push to be our next president.

Donald Trump’s star is fading as I write this, something that’s long overdue. His smirks and unprofessional facial expressions during the debates have been irritating–but not as irritating as the fact that he actually has a base of nut-jobs –I mean the fringe populace–who think he could actually run the country. I’m so happy to say, “Donald, buh-bye!”

But it IS a shame that he’s lost his Apprentice gig; as an entertainer, Trump shines. Arnold simply doesn’t have the chops to make an interesting show. Scratch that program off my usual watch list. And scratch Donald Trump off the list of presidential candidates. Thankfully.  Oh, and it hasn’t eluded me that the line between entertainment and politics is way blurry now. These two opportunists prove it.

Snap! Crack!

I can never listen to Carly Fiorina’s stern debating technique without picturing her in leather wielding a whip. Seriously.  Snap! Crack!  Fiorina’s a hometown girl out here in Silicon Valley, where her experience as a CEO is looked upon with arched brows. Seriously arched brows. Ok, let’s get serious. She’s almost universally disliked out here. But also seriously, she is completely unqualified. She doesn’t know the first thing about how to be president of the United States. If you’d like to learn more about her failures as a CEO, check out Salon’s piece, here.

Wait, you want something on her related to the campaign? Try this.  Which shows she is one confused muchacha. Oh? She’s not Latina? (I knew that.) But you know, she’s pretty confused. Not so presidential, after all.

Oh, and one thing does tick me off bigtime: newscasters call her by her first name, while the male candidates are never called by their first name. Just saying.  I can see it with Hillary Clinton, as Bill was the original “Clinton” pol. But not with Fiorina.

Hard come, easy go

As a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter I believed she should have been president instead of Mr. Obama. Hillary Clinton was far better qualified and in my opinion, President Obama’s two terms bear this out. He has sorely disappointed me. My support for her has waned, though, and I am afraid that her time came, the brass ring went to someone else and her time expired. Despite the many talented political consultants who have always been affiliated with Clinton campaigns, hers failed to handle the email server issue sharply and decisively at the front end. It was a shocking failure and it cost her my support, for one, but more importantly, it cost her the trust of many Americans.  It appears now that other secretaries of state  had the same email set-up, including the esteemed Colin Powell, so my question is “Why didn’t we learn that up front from her people?”  Oh, you don’t believe me about Powell? Check this out.

So, as a proud progressive, what am I to do for a candidate?

Trumpets blare!

Enter Joe Biden.

He’s treated as kind of a joke because, frankly, he doesn’t come across as a politician at all, just a nice guy. But not so fast: he is a career politician who is ethical, honest, sincere and what you see is what you get. He would make a different kind of president, I think. The kind we were meant to have.  Now, it’s true that Joe is sometimes loose-lipped in a naive kind of way. But I really like him and would love to learn more about him on campaign.  His interview on Colbert’s new show was impressive. Here it is in two parts:

Part 1: Biden on Colbert’s show  

Part 2: Biden on Colbert’s show, final segment  

I can’t blame good men and women for their reluctance to run for President; the media take no prisoners and don’t seem all that concerned with facts. Which is why it’s so refreshing to have Colbert on the scene, now that Jon Stewart is gone.

It’s a strange race and the Republican debates have been kind of a shi t-show. Here’s hoping the Dems are watching. And smarter.

28 comments on “Oh, those crazy presidential candidates!
  1. Karen Austin says:

    I haven’t read a lot about the election cycle yet, but just reading headlines at this point does make it all seem very sensationalistic. I do like to be an informed voter. I suppose I will have to cave and start doing my research soon. Thanks for providing some information and responses to get me started on a path.

    • I agree with you Karen…lots of sensationalism these days…guess we better “cave” soon and get ourselves started with our own research! Glad Carol’s post here is getting us started down that path!

  2. What’s scary is that Trump is a manifestation of our country’s current state of mind (not mine, but so many people’s). His rude, crude, nasty and negative creepiness reflect the trollish and hateful energy that seems to be rising up everywhere. Is Biden the answer? I don’t know. I am so discouraged right now.

  3. HI Carol, As always, you have gotten me to thinking more and more about all of this…Can’t “ignore” the subject much longer. HaHa, of course, I am teasing about ignoring it, but WE all do need to take an active role in order to make an educated voting decision come November 2016. Thanks for getting us thinking!

    • It IS tempting to ignore. But we can’t.

      • Isabel Patino says:

        Ok so you are a socialist..and that’s what socialist’s do..tell people what to do because a good number of people can’t think for themselves. I know you were referring to the crazy presidential candidates as being the Democracts because no one who has any sense would want to keep ruining this Great Nation of ours with dishonest candidates such as Hillary Clinton. You liberals think you are smarter and that you know what I’d best for everyone..Right!!!! This is why our country is falling to pieces..because of your Smarts!!

  4. Roz Warren says:

    Thanks for this round-up, including some very useful links.

  5. Roz Warren says:

    That Biden interview is AMAZING. I’d have missed that if not for you. THANKS.

  6. No reason to censor the first word of George Carlin’s list. Digestive leavings perfectly describe the candidates and their qualifications. In fact, most horse droppings would probably be better candidates than any of the others.

    Biden reminds me a bit of Colin Powell when he was feeling pressure to run. He will follow his heart and that may be very disappointing to his supporters.

  7. It has been/ will continue to be a VERY interesting season. Love your links btw!

  8. From your mouth to somebody’s ears haha! I have to agree with every single bit of it. I think he is going to be the best choice for us if he will agree. It didn’t sound to me like he was heading that way. Of course, that may be for the media. I can’t imagine going through what the candidates do.

  9. What, no thoughts on Bernie Sanders??

    Annoys me too that Fiorina gets called by her first name and the male candidates don’t. Not cool, people, not cool.

  10. I’m hoping Joe runs, too. I loved his interview with Colbert and I’m very happy he is on the air. Still miss Jon Stewart, tho.
    I was only disappointed with Obama when he was hesitant in dealing with the right wing nuts. Now that he’s taken the gloves off I think he’s ending strong.

  11. Lisa Nolan says:

    Loved your commentary! You said what was in my head but could not express, especially your comments about HC and JB. Well done!

  12. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    My feelings are very similar to yours. Disillusioned with Hillary … outraged by Fiorina … disgusted with the Republican candidates … skeptical but watchful about Joe Biden’s entree into the race.

  13. I have to admit that having Trump on board has been hysterical. He is an entertainer, one that is easy to hate. His facial expressions are too much. That being said, the rest of the Republican pool is pretty depressing. Kasich is likeable, Rubio is okay, Bush is like lumpy oatmeal that has been served WAY too many times. I still believe Hillary would make the best President out of the existing field. I love Joe…but I just don’t think he would be a great President. If he gets in, I will consider him.

  14. It was just about 20 years ago, but I got to see Hillary Clinton in person at a press conference. She thoroughly impressed with her presence and her very thoughtful remarks. The problem is people *love* to hate on Hillary – which is beyond unjust. There are things her handlers could have done better with. But I believe Ms. Clinton remains a savvy, intelligent candidate, which is more than I can say for most of the others.

  15. Carolann says:

    I always make sure I’m fully informed and watch all the debates from both sides. How can a person not watch and listen to them both? That’s how we keep open minds and learn and grow. You made a lot of valid points here. Especially about Donald…oh my. We have a long way to go so let’s see how this all unfolds!

  16. Trisha says:

    I not a Democrat at all. But I do love your take on the candidates that you do have to offer this year. Personally, when it comes to Trump, he is just a hot mess to get people’s attention. I highly doubt he will win. I think he’s going to jump ship and then ask all of his voters to to vote for some other candidate.

  17. Great links.. But I am very inspired by Bernie Sanders. I am so disappointed in Hillary’s team for not handling the emails like they could. I have high hopes that even informed Republicans would never give credence to Mr. Trump. So I just continue to keep watching, reading and learning and pray it is country uses their heads for once!

  18. It all reminds me of the 1988 election where I think at one point there were 23 candidates, most of them rushing around Iowa like chickens with their heads cut off. It’s going to be interesting. I echo your sentiment that Hillary blew it. Bernie is a contender. I can’t imagine he is electable but as a counterpoint to Trump, he just might be.

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