“We can fix it!” ain’t a plan

September 12, 2015
The biggest lie is that he's a good businessman. NOT.

The biggest lie is that he’s a good businessman. Not hardly. He does, however, sell his name. Which is why so many buildings have it.

Regular readers know that I’m a fan of Donald Trump–as an entertainer.

As a politician?

Not so much. In fact, not at all.

The Donald is very big on platitudes and reassurances, but quite short on specifics and plans. In fact, he has none.

“We can fix it!” he claims over and over. But there’s no substance to that braggadocio, that rant. It’s just so much hot air.

Trump's simplistic view puts us at risk of these kinds of "solutions."

Trump’s simplistic view puts us at risk of these kinds of “solutions.”

He’s shown himself to be ignorant of important foreign policy issues and has substituted bluster for plans to solve domestic problems. I mean, is Mexico really going to build a border wall?

If you think he’s worth listening to, read these statements he’s made.

Let’s get serious.

Being anti-politics may be popular, but it isn’t a skill set.

We’ve already seen what an inexperienced guy can do in the White House; we’ve had seven years of it so far.

I’m nervous. I’m nervous because the American people do not always vote with their brains.

And that’s what it takes to run this country: brains.

Not vulgar and crude commentary.

Donald Trump may be real, but he’s not presidential material.

I hope to God (and it will take God’s intervention) that he doesn’t get elected.

Things are always different for the rich, and don't you forget that.

Things are always different for the rich, and don’t you forget that.

3 comments on ““We can fix it!” ain’t a plan
  1. As a professional journalist, my way of dealing with Trump is satirizing him in my political humor blog DailyLobotomy.com. The angrier he makes me, the more delight I take in viscerating him in my essays which are featured on the Comedy page of Huffington Post and reprinted in many websites. However, the comment I get most frequently is, “This would be funny if it weren’t so close to the truth.” People are scared and have reason to be. Trump uses the same tactics as Hitler, arousing hatred of a foreign minority and bullying his opponents. The good news? The Republican “machine” that decides political outcomes despises him more than the Democrats.

  2. We are a silly country right now aren’t we? It will work out…..

  3. michelle says:

    He isn’t funny, He is dangerous. A human was beaten in his name and Trump’s response was ‘my followers are passionate’

    That’s dangerous.

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