How clueless, willful, self-centered American people are prolonging the pandemic

August 3, 2021

I am so disappointed in those responsible for prolonging the pandemic.

This summer I am watching people get together all over the place. Multiple family groups on vacation together. Parties and celebrations of a significant size. Participants are all mask-less. And spend significant time together indoors.

Some believe they’re protected because everyone in the group is vaccinated. Others have no idea whether their fellow attendees have had vaccinations, but count on their own to protect them.

Here’s why I’m confused: the science tells us that we can be asymptomatic and not know we are Covid-positive –yet transmit it to others. Or, asymptomatic group members can unknowingly transmit it to us.

Medical experience tells us that vaccinated people are getting sick. Less seriously ill, but still not a minor illness. Yes, some who are vaccinated have died.

Masks would help prevent much of this transmission, but these gatherings are mask-less. In fact, people all over are in a rush to dump the masks. Shaking my head–masking is not such a big deal. Surgeons and nurses have done it forever. I can’t believe how so many people make it out to be a huge burden. It is such a little thing with such a huge benefit.

I’m shocked by how people are throwing caution to the wind, so I spent some time thinking about what kind of people do this and why.

The Clueless.

More people than we think do not consume any scientific news about Covid. They believe half-truths and outright lies fed to them by corrupt politicians who do not care a bit whether their constituents live or die. These awful politicians figure enough voters will survive to keep them in power. And of course, some clueless Americans (likely a small percentage) really do not pay attention to any Covid information at all.

Many believe vaccinations make them 100% immune to the virus and that masking is unnecessary. They simply do not connect to what the science is telling us. They can’t read the nuances.

The Willful.

These are the crazy right wing morons who have made masking and vaccination political. They believe there’s been insufficient testing or that their rights are being infringed upon. FACT: There’s been decades of research on MRNA technology and millions upon millions of shots given without serious consequences. Yes, a handful of bad things have happened but a very low proportion of total vaccinations.  Still, they are willful in their defiance of science.

This group is just not very smart. But we know that already when we consider who they have probably voted for.

The Invincibly Self-centered.

I know quite a few otherwise smart people–and some VERY smart people– who just want to do what they want to do. They’re tired of being restricted, now that they’ve been vaccinated. They’ve decided their own risk is low, especially if they are younger and healthy. They feel absolutely no responsibility to their fellow human. Although they may understand the science, it has less weight than their desire to do what they want to do, and they want to gather in mask-less groups. The concept of being their brother or sister’s keeper doesn’t resonate.

Sigh. So look. I’m a child of the 60s. I do believe people should have each other’s backs. And yet, this America I see couldn’t be any more opposite. It’s clueless, willful and self-centered. Selfish.

When I compare the sacrifices that the Greatest Generation made–for YEARS–and how Brits faced the many hardships of World War II, it’s obvious how low we have sunk as a society.

Yes, I’m judging you

If you fit in one of these categories I am going to judge you and you will come up lacking. I am deeply disappointed in those I know who behave in those ways. Not that they care. But I can never see them in the same way I did before.

Finally, if there is a hell, it is reserved for the corrupt elected officials who are smart enough to know better, and DO know better, but spread misinformation to ignorant people in the interest of getting votes. These people prey on and COUNT on that ignorance. They are reprehensible. Ron DeSantis, I’m talking to you, but you are not the only one

And then, there’s “James”:

Before vaccinations were given emergency approval “James” told me he was in the Pfizer clinical trial.

“Aren’t you afraid?” I asked him.

“Someone’s got to do it,” he said. “If it can help others, it’s the right thing to do.”

Hey. People. Do the right thing. Be like “James.”

12 comments on “How clueless, willful, self-centered American people are prolonging the pandemic
  1. Well said! You are totally speaking my mind here!

  2. Diane says:

    This all just sickens me, Carol!
    People screaming about their ‘rights’ probably get to me the most. How can you be more concerned about yourself than you are about your fellow man?
    In the movies, when the entire world faces a common threat, everyone reaches out and they all fight the threat together.
    Right now, I’m liking the movies…

  3. Cecilia says:

    Lazyness and ignorance. I am a non vaxer then again I have never taken the mask off. Not even when it was ok not to wear it. If i have not gotten it is cuz I do not trust the gov. Officials. After a lot of research I found that is not even for the votes they are doing this force vaccinations. It is for the money. The CDC prohibited doctors to treat people with other available medicine, which lessen the symptoms and there is no need to hospital, only cuz pfitser contract says so. Did you know that Faucci has rigjts to Ceneca vax? That means that bill gates and him are making money. They are all in it together. Dying in hosp. Can be prevented with early treatment. This is genocide.

    • Regardless of the government’s opinion, the science is very very clear.This is a pandemic. Vaccines work. Early treatment is not a guarantee of surviving Covid. Long haul covid symptoms are real and debilitating. There’s no such thing as Ceneca vaccine. You may be referring to Astra Zeneca and Fauci does not have rights to it and in fact, has been quoted as expressing doubts about it in the past:
      “Anthony Fauci, the director of the US Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAD), voiced doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness.”
      Reuters has reported this: ” Asked whether the United States will use the AstraZeneca vaccine doses, he said, “That’s still up in the air. My general feeling is that given the contractual relationships that we have with a number of companies, that we have enough vaccine to fulfill all of our needs without invoking AstraZeneca.” Nor does he have any relationship with Pfizer, another lie being put out there.

      : Glad you are masking but am sad to see your position as I believe you are one of the very misguided, deluded Americans who believe the lies and are standing in the way of getting this pandemic handled. Do not believe all the crap on alternative media. It’s not true.

  4. Laurie Stone says:

    The whole thing is maddening, especially when I see governors like DeSantis and Abbott doing everything in their power to spread disinformation. What could be so much easier and healthier, is now made harder and more dangerous. And it’s all for politics.

  5. When I was in Mexico City and SMA a week ago it was the law to wear a mask inside and outside. Everyone did it or they would get arrested. We also had temperature checks and were given hand sanitizer when we entered a building. Mexico only has 14% vaccinated because they don’t have access to the vaccine as we do in the US so they have to be strict.

    I was just in Orange County California and very few people were wearing masks. They believe in their dumb freedom more than they do public health and it is idiotic. Vaccines are available in the USA because we have sophisticated technology and people should be grateful instead of starting fights in airplanes because they refuse to wear masks.

  6. Meryl says:

    A great summary of the noncompliant. I can’t help wondering why/how so many people in this country are so irresponsible. It is sad and frustrating. There is a special place in hell for the politicians and pundits pushing falsehoods.

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