Am I cursed to utter true prophecies to people who don’t listen?

August 20, 2021


Or believe me.

I feel like Cassandra, the Trojan princess of Apollo, who was cursed to rant about true prophecies but never to be believed. She was beautiful, clever, and thought to be insane. Maybe it’s no accident that people often misread my name and refer to me as Cassandra. Maybe it’s more apt than I thought. (Except maybe the “beautiful” part.)

Now, though, I’m beginning to feel like a caricature of myself, a shrill Covid shrew, a political pain in the ass, a relentless ranter.

Cannot shut myself up

It’s hard for me to hush up. I simply can not believe so many Americans are denying Covid science, putting themselves and others at risk. Or taking risks just because they want to do what they want to do and are tired of being limited. It’s horrifying how many breakthrough infections of the vaccinated are occurring as a result. That’s what happens when so few people are willing to take responsibility for the bigger picture.

On top of that, I’m shocked that so many Americans are actively destroying our democracy, our entire system of government. Horrified at the openness with which many “Republican” politicians display their venal natures and how many people are fooled by them. What is going on here?

Stupid behaviors

All around me on social media I see teachers vocally against masks in their classrooms. Anti-vaxxers thinking their “strong immune systems,” herbs and supplements will protect them. There are irresponsible chiropractors and naturopaths who have lost any semblance of common sense and hold positions on Covid that can and may already have cost lives.

I see posts about social events taking place unmasked and indoors. Friends attending indoor plays and concerts in large groups, even with masks. I see people going on VACATION. To crowded beaches. To other countries. And I see the infection rate rising, ICU beds become scarce and people with other serious illnesses unable to access life-saving hospital care.

What is going on here?

I see people in total denial of the easy spread of Covid even as an exhausted relative who is an ER room doc tweets that she’s seen more Covid patients on her shift this day in a moderate-sized city than she has since last spring when she worked in much bigger city.

Every day is Groundhog Day:

It’s the same stuff, different day. Every single day.

I rant and I post and I text to no avail. It’s not like I change anyone’s mind. After responding to an anti-vax, anti-mask parent that she should feel free to kill herself and her kids but not the rest of us,  I immediately got assigned a cell in Facebook jail for 24 hours. I am guilty of “bullying.”

Oh. My. God. The irony. We just got through four years with a true bully in the oval and this post is considered “bullying”? Do they even know the definition of the word?

Where is the great social media God, Facebook, when misinformation is being spread? Why aren’t much more harmful posters banned?

And why do I feel so compelled to continue to speak out?

Facts are facts: indisputable

Because I believe in facts. Because I know that my positions are logical and science-based. The CDC says hat 56% of Covid cases are spread asymptomatically. That is fact. So  when people play the odds, risking themselves and others, it’s obvious. It astonishes me that they are so willing to take chances with their lives and the lives of others. Chances that are morally wrong. I am horrified.

And then some of them sit in church, unmasked.

I know without a doubt that there was a fair election in November and I can also see that an equally horrifying problem in politics today (besides politicians who deny masks and vaccination yet are quick to access the best treatment once they get Covid)  is the dumb-asses who believe in Trump and who are re-inventing what happened Jan. 6.

propheciesWTF? I mean, really, WTF?

What’s really going on?

Looking around in disbelief at the shambles that has been made of my country by corrupt politicians and ignoramuses, I scream to myself and others: “What is wrong with people today?”

Looking around and those who are unwilling to do what it takes to end this pandemic, I scream to the wind, “WTF? What the actual F?”

I am preaching to the choir. Those in the cheap seats couldn’t care any less.

So many are dying needlessly and will continue to die, I point out in texts to loved ones and in posts, unless some of these Covid disbelievers start paying attention to science. Unless those of us who actually believe in science take better precautions to protect ourselves from breakthrough infection and others. Unless we see that we play a role in the bigger picture. That we are responsible beyond ourselves.

If that weren’t bad enough, the insurrection January 6 was simply the opening shot in a civil war. Our democratic system is being destroyed, a civil war is in progress and will one day explode. These things I believe at a visceral level.

I am compelled to speak out.

It’s like spitting in the wind. People are doing what they want to do regardless of their IQs and regardless of my rants.

But for some reason, I can not stop myself from trying to present my reasoned case. I just can not.

Cassandra, trying desperately to get people to hear her prophecies.



16 comments on “Am I cursed to utter true prophecies to people who don’t listen?
  1. Bobi says:

    Keep at it!! The vaccination rate is heading up, that’s at least a small sign of hope. I rant too albeit without ZuckerFace (what a contemptible hypocrite!) Or a blog. I keep telling my husband when all the unmasked, unvaxxed have breathed their last, the rest of us can live happily ever after. Of course, I’m not really sure I believe my own fairytales. I read today that one of the insurrectionists that was released from jail has already violated his release by accessing conspiracy websites. It’s truly unbelievable what a mess we’re in at the moment.

    • Thank you for this. It really is a strange time in our lives. I can’t even believe how much stupidity and ignorance there is out there. People so gullible who do not believe science. I don’t t hink we’ll get out of this any time soon.

  2. Robin Herman says:

    The day you stop ranting Carol is the day we are all lost. Keep speaking truth to stupid/selfish. And those of us who are fact-based count on you for assurance that we are not crazy.

    • You are way too kind, my friend. But truly, I can not shut up. I just can not. It is soo hard to believe what’s going on out there. I hate that we will likely be in this pickle for the duration of my life. I really do believe we will, because there is just too much stupid out there.

  3. It isn’t that so many people deny science it is that scientists can’t even agree.
    “Science is not fact nor is it based on factual evidence. Science is very simply the act of interpreting an observation of our environment and is limited by the tools we have available for observing. Then scientific fact, as a result, is only the most supported interpretation of scientific observation, or in other words, the most favored opinion”
    So we must stop calling people science deniers. The CDC has flip-flopped dozens of times throughout Covid. Can you really blame people for not trusting in them? Honestly, a year ago many Democrats said they would never get Trump’s vaccine. Now those same people were the first in line and judging others for not getting vaccinated. People who have been vaccinated and follow every precaution still get the virus. A virus cannot be stopped. My husband with cancer, half a heart & half a thyroid survived covid like a champ. Others didn’t. I don’t know any Republicans that aren’t vaccinated (and I know a lot of Republicans) I do know a lot of black people that aren’t vaccinated (these are intelligent people so we can’t blame lack of information or knowledge.) I live one block from Chester, Pa which is 90% black. Then there are people like me who survived Covid (a really tough night) that cannot yet get the vaccine ‘yet’ because I have severe allergies and epilepsy and my doctors feels my t-cells are too overactive and I do have immunity at this time and I would have a severe reaction. I am living life unafraid but also being respectful of my health and others. My entire family is vaccinated except the little ones and I wear a mask whenever I’m going to be in close proximity of others. I do not wear a mask while I am driving alone. There was a plane full of Democrats (unmasked) that left Texas where numbers are high and flew to DC, several got Covid. So the truth is this really isn’t a political “thing” at all. And as far as that insurrection (There have been a lot of lies starting with a cop there. That never happened. I personally spoke with his wife and she is furious and was kicked off Twitter. Why? For telling the truth.) We can agree that it was a terrible thing that happened. Also, there was voter fraud. LOTS of it. whether it changed the outcome of the election is to be determined. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sure either way. My 10-year-old granddaughter has been in trauma therapy for over a year because the shopping center across the street from her house in Philadelphia was set on fire, windows were smashed and 100’s of rioters marched & shouted across her front lawn. A police car was set on fire. That happened in cities across the country and is still happening. Is it honestly fair to blame all Democrats for that summer of terror or to blame all Republicans for January 6th? Or to blame only Politicians on one side for inciting violence when both sides spoke words that could be interpreted as inciteful. We really need to stop judging entire populations for the bad behavior of a few. Judging all Democrats, or all Republicans in my eyes is no different than judging all Muslims, all Jewish, all Christians, all Chinese. It’s wrong and you are right it changes no one’s mind it only hurts and causes deeper and deeper divides. If love really lives here we should start acting like it.

    • I would address point by point everything here that is misleading but I’ll only take a few because there are too many–besides, I don’t think you’ll be able to take them in.

      trump politicized the CDC, for one, so let’s start there–he totally withheld info people needed–and for two, now, as new information becomes available it’s thankfully shared…

      Scientists aren’t confused at all. “Scientists” might be. Different folk.

      Doreen, your work for the trump campaign shows me just how misled you are and your anecdote about the child’s trauma reinforces my world, parents would sit a child down and explain the context, what is behind the riot and then talk about useful ways to protest and destructive ways. With appropriate parenting, trauma chance is minimized.But if parents are busy wringing their hands in fear and generating fear in the environment, yes, a child will be traumatized. I don’t know what went on in your case but …I’ll just stop there.

      No one– including me– is judging all Republicans. I am judging “Republicans” which is the name bigots and absolutely crazy Covidiots are using and I put in quotes. They bear no resemblance to actual Republicans. They have co-opted the party and its name to spread lies, hatred and fear. Do you really think Ron Death-Santis is doing the right thing? If you do, you really are lost.

      And since I do not identify as a “Christian” I am not compelled to pretend to love my fellow human and then behave in ways that can actually kill them. Which is happening.

      I will never feel love for anyone who is costing my friends and family their lives, their health. Or who threaten theirs or mine.

      Get real about divides: If you want to talk about divides, then let’s talk about the man whose campaign you worked for: trump. He did more to divide this country than anyone has in a very long time. He and “love” don’t coexist, so don’t talk to me about love. I won’t go further. The only reason I am responding is because I don’t want your misleading, fear-mongering comment to sit unchallenged for people who do not know your background to actually start to believe.

  4. Diane says:

    I ask myself over and over again WHY can’t people see? WHY can’t they understand? The willful ignorance just sickens me.
    Please don’t stop, Carol! If all the voices of reason stop, then we truly are doomed.

  5. Susan Cooper says:

    I hear and right there with you!

  6. Laurie Stone says:

    I share your frustration, Carol. All you can do is keep speaking out and pray some will listen. Unfortunately, too many learn the lesson from hospital beds, too late.

  7. It’s very frustrating. As far as Facebook jail, I lost 8,000 followers on Twitter for simply writing the word “slap” as a joke when I saw a video of D Jr being rude to his crazy girlfriend. “She should slap him upside the head.” No matter how many times I tried to explain to Twitter my “joke” they didn’t believe it.

    Still, many creepy politicians are allowed to stay on the platform who are clearly racist and idiotic. And as far as denying the insurrection — Come on people! It’s all on tape. The summer protests are being blamed on those who were peacefully marching while fringe bad actors caused mayhem and it was spurred on by our joke leader who fueled the fire. Get real people.

    As far as the virus, it will be over sooner when people mask up and get vaccinated if they can. I totally don’t get so-called “healer types” who think they know better than scientists. Most are selling snake oil supplements that are BS. It’s bad enough that FOX news is misleading people daily about vaccines.

    Rupert Murdoch has made it known he hates Trump but is more interested in making money than helping people stay safe so allows conspiracy theories to be spewed by his broadcasters and lets it slide in the name of the mighty $$$

    I have nothing against traditional Republicans. But, I don’t have tolerance for those who have been led by the nose by a life-long con man.

  8. Meryl says:

    I am so with you Carol. I don’t know if I am more sad, disgusted, angry, astounded by the ignorance of so many, and the fact that so many believe in conspiracy theories, Qanon nonsense, and the lies propagated by DJT and his fanatical followers.

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