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August 3, 2010
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Well, finally!

My stalwart friend, S, has written:

… here’s one for the Rilster: what type of flowering plants should I plant in my full sun patch at the base of my honeysuckle-covered fence?

Riley responds:

Planting in the heat of the Florida sun is just too much work! But if you insist, I would suggest starting with some sunflowers, which grow so well in your climate and are perfect along a fence. Make sure they aren’t too dense as they might cover up the honeysuckle. The 15 footers are too high for your cute bungalow, which my mom’s described, but 1o- or 11-foot plants might work fine. They come shorter, of course!

But that’s just the start. You might add some wildflowers, because they take so little care. Who wants to drag out the hose and stand out in the hot Florida sun every day? Not me, that’s for sure! And you’ll enjoy the birds, butterflies and bees they attract.

The black-eyed Susan, blue porterweed, firebrush, pale meadow beauty and scarlet hibiscus would make a lovely native grouping. Oh, and be sure to plant them in a pattern because they sure do look like weeds in the seedling stage. You don’t want someone to come along and yank out your investment!

2 comments on “Question for Riley today
  1. helen says:

    Dear Riley,

    How do you deal with an over-protective mother?

    Your Aunt Helen

  2. Oh Aunt Helen, you KNOW there is no dealing with an over-protective mother. Ya just plays her!!!

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