Rain Dance

May 20, 2009

I don’t know who’s been doing the rain dance, but clearly it’s working. As much as I love the sunshine, I’m thrilled to see rain. I’m watching a nice little breeze in the trees, too.

It’s been horribly dry and we’re under water restrictions: we can water once a week and only by hand. We can’t wash our cars. We can’t use our automatic sprinklers.

But it started raining after I left for California last week and it hasn’t stopped. A soaking rain to ease our parched region.

Riley’s up against my hip in bed. Am taking it easy this morning. On Monday I bent slightly and zing! out went my back. FLH does great massage and that helped. But today it’s still ailing and he’s in Miami, congested, achy, scratchy throat, sick. His car battery’s dead, too. A bad day for poor FLH. His 3 dogs and 2 cats were waiting but so was a big mess they made when the pet sitter closed them in a room all day due to storms.

This is when partnering up is a blessing. When you’re sick and have no help.

I’ve been popping ImmunExtra once or twice a day to ward off what he has. Between that and my back I am at half-speed, too. But between us today we probably are as capable as one full person.

I have a lot to do, but I am going to take it easy today.

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