Rain, pouring rain

May 21, 2009

I’m enjoying lounging in bed with Riley, late, and watching the heavy rain outside my bedroom window.

This, despite a mild headache, dry throat and sniffles that may turn into the awful crud FLH has.

FLH wasn’t feeling up to par the whole trip last week. We thought it was nicotine withdrawal, but it may have been his illness.

He is still in bed, his second day of feeling like crap. He slept all yesterday. I hate being so far away.

At Publix yesterday, I stocked up on soups, juice and fruit, just in case I get it. Which seems likely. Not looking forward to it.

Riley is on a hunger strike today. And he has clearly lost weight. Yesterday he would only eat chicken tenderloins and carrots. He devoured the chicken out of my hand, like a starving wild dog.

Today he won’t even eat that. Forget dog food. He’s over it. Yes, I know I created this monster.

I did nothing yesterday but lounge in bed, exhausted. Today I’m not much more motivated, despite a list of things to do.

Off to find a Tylenol for this headache.

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