Why we should raise our words, not our voices

November 4, 2019

raise-our-wordsWe live in such uncivilized times, don’t we? I’m beginning to really despise the way social media have become a bully pulpit for uncivilized discourse. The politics of today are really shameful. Not that politics has ever been clean, but today so much is acceptable that would have been called out at any other time.

It doesn’t surprise me that Rumi has words of wisdom from back in the 13th century. Yes, way back then. And it sure seems like we still haven’t learned.

This is a time for us to raise our words, to elevate them, not to scream at each other. Not on mass media, not on social media and not in person.

This is a time to build bridges, to grow flowers, not to destroy everything in the interests of holding a position.

Don’t get me wrong: I can rant with the best. World-class, even. But those rants strike me now as violent. I’m making a real effort to elevate my discourse these days and moderate my tone. I’d like to see a flower or two bloom, in the interests of hope.

3 comments on “Why we should raise our words, not our voices
  1. Diane says:

    EVERYONE should read this! I absolutely agree!

  2. Riley Connor says:

    Powerful content! Raising our voices to emphasize what we want to say has never been a good way to settle things. I couldn’t agree more with what you discussed here and in my opinion, more people should really keep this in mind. In this time and age, it’s important to let words be mightier than loud voices. It’s time for a change.

  3. Raising our voices to accentuate what we need to state has never been a decent method to settle things. I can’t help but concur with what you talked about here and as I would like to think, more individuals should remember this.

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