What’s the inside of YOUR brain look like?

July 4, 2014

I know. You’re tired of red, white and blue posts today.

So here’s something to keep you entertained for a couple minutes. Promise: no flags, fireworks or parades. No heavy lifting. Just fun.

Ri scary dreamWhen Riley’s petsitter came over with this painting she’d bought for him, we all had a big laugh. Not only does it LOOK like him, but the text captures his attitude of … entitlement. It was a great gift!

decomp bookYeah, my writing sometimes feels like it belongs in a decomposition book instead of a composition book. I saw this one at Powell’s in Portland.

hearing aid1This came in the mail the other day. No warning, either. The envelope’s return address read Costco and nothing else.

hearing aidHere’s a closer look. So–how do they KNOW I’m old enough to be in this target market? It’s Costco, after all, not Social Security. Well, surprise, Costco! Other parts of me may be falling apart, but I still have almost all of my hearing. (raspberry sound)

escargo tongsWandering around Sur la Table the other day I saw these.

escargo forksA few jars away were these.

So — why isn’t it an escargot fork? Or for that matter, snail tongs? I’ve never made them, so I don’t know.

potato chip barJust when I thought there were no new product combinations, I saw this: a potato chip chocolate bar.

gin kitIn case Prohibition comes back, we can all be prepared.

make own dog cookiesMaking our own seems to be the way to go, given how many treats are now made in China. There’s a bit of a backlash going on against Chinese pet treats, thank goodness. I wouldn’t trust a packaged offering like this, though. I’d make from scratch.

what would willy doI’m pretty sure the “Willie” referred to is Willie Nelson. There’s a song with the same name about him. But frankly, I think we’d be better off if Obama asked it of himself and referred to Bill Clinton. I miss Bill.

love my dogThis really goes without saying. Right?

Sagan apple pieSagan was a profound guy.  Yeah, Powell’s again.

men in chucksI love Chucks. But there’s something about hairy legs that makes this photo less than cute.

white dog 3 statue cropdIf I had a dog like that, I’d buy these. I love the three-pack.

3 pigsOr this threesome of piggies.

basket flow cuI love summer.

Queen of everythingI’m thinking about bestowing this title weekly, what do you think?

bed w treeThis is seriously cool.  I wish my bed looked this cool.

What cool things have you seen around lately?

24 comments on “What’s the inside of YOUR brain look like?
  1. Kay Lynn says:

    I love the offbeat items you found at the store. In terms of age-based marketing, retailers really need to be careful.

    It is obnoxious to assume all people of a certain age are losing their hearing or want to buy a pre-paid cremation (another thing we received in the mail recently).

  2. Shoot, I haven’t gotten the prepaid cremation mailer yet. Maybe I should count my blessings!

  3. Denise says:

    oh yes who loves me will love my dog also , not sure if my dog will love them too but is a nice one . Happy 4th of July

  4. Thanks for starting my Independence Day with some laughs and some smiles.

  5. I loved all the captions – especially the quirky ones. 🙂 Potato chips chocolates takes the cake though. Happy 4th July.

  6. Oh Carol! Neil Sedaka is serenading you! Simply delightful. Chuckled the whole way through. Each post “took me somewhere”. The chocolate potato chips reminded me of chocolate covered bacon I tasted once. Love bacon. Love chocolate, but somehow the combination didn’t exactly work for me … and the Decomposition Book got me thinking … if only we could find a way to decompose our books in our own backyard … A friend of mine wanted had two HUGE bags of books she no longer had room on her shelves for. Heartbreaking to throw books away. So, we road down the main street of our town and left a pile at each bus stop … Can only hope that some found new homes. Good Luck and heaps of thanks. HUGS <3

  7. Diane says:

    Love this! I’m intrigued by the potato chip bar. And i seriously LOVE that bed! Why don’t I have that kind of imagination?!

  8. I want all of it except the hairy legs:)
    We make all of our own dog treats or we give Lance and Louie sweet potatoes, baby carrots, or canteloupe.
    Chocolate and chips, yum. I just tried chocolate covered bacon. My husband said I was a sick woman but it was amazing.
    Hope you are relaxing.

  9. Lana says:

    I want the potato chip chocolate bar right now! I love my chucks too – they are the most comfortable shoes I own. Sur La Table has the most interesting stuff. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Trish says:

    Love this post and the fun pics! Queen of Everything — now that is a title I would love to aspire to. 🙂 Love that “Who loves me will love my dog also” print — perfect!

  11. Pat says:

    This is too funny. Love the decomposition book.

  12. Becky Blades says:

    I love the lovely, easy breezy style of your site, Carol. You inspire me to take more photos! And your doggie makes me melt. We just lost our Bichan recently. 🙁

  13. Suzy says:

    That is a fun post. My friend has a dog named Riley and her Riley looks a lot like yours!

  14. Sun a funny post Carol. I’ll take the chocolate covered potato chips!

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