Real, "unenhanced" beauty

September 25, 2010

Elizabeth Taylor was truly the most beautiful woman in the world, and today’s artificially put-together women don’t hold a candle to what she looked like in her prime.

I watched The Sandpiper last night. It was released in 1964. Taylor was 32 at that time, officially, anyway. I love the movie because it was filmed in Big Sur (my favorite place) and set in Monterey County (my other home) and had a scene at Nepenthe (my favorite hangout). The backdrop was so familiar because, of course, the beauty of Big Sur never changes.
But what struck me was how naturally gorgeous Elizabeth was. Her heart-shaped face, thick, dark hair and legendary violet eyes (actually, they’re blue). Her womanly body. Her natural breasts.

None of that bore any resemblance to the women movie stars of today, who instead look like large-headed matchsticks with huge breasts.

In the film, Elizabeth wasn’t thin by any means, nor was she overweight. She was shapely and looked healthy. Her waist was beginning to thicken just a little and she had a hint of a double chin in some angles. Fabulous legs and breasts.

She looked REAL.

And that’s what’s lacking in today’s Hollywood stars, who are so starved, botoxed, face-lifted, lipo-suctioned, breast/butt-enhanced and otherwise artificially made that they look plastic.

Elizabeth Taylor? A real woman. An original.

Sad that today’s young girls don’t have this kind of natural model for beauty. In fact, we need to be more concerned about what message is being delivered to young girls today about their bodies.

Liz. One of the last originals.

One comment on “Real, "unenhanced" beauty
  1. Anonymous says:

    They just don’t make them that way anymore do they?

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