Reinventing social media days of the week

April 15, 2014

 day.shirtsNow there’s a Facebook or blog post meme for every day of the week. You know, like Throwback Thursday. Gratitude Monday.  Caturday. You know.


I have to admit. They bore me. I mean, I’m grateful on Mondays for the same thing I’m grateful for every single day of the week.

And at my age, I’m a living throwback. I don’t need my own day.

So.   To liven things up, I’ve come up with some new day-of-the-week memes.

original-258333-1Moan and Groan Monday:  Whine to your heart’s content about everything that’s wrong with your life. That’s right, this is your weekly opportunity to complain away. Talk about your depression, your crazy family, how friends have abandoned you and how your life is sh it.  Let loose with all of it on Monday, because that’s the day I want an entire social media feed of complaints.

psychedelicTripping Tuesday: Take us back to your favorite drug experience. We want to know exactly what you saw on that LSD trip and how meth made you lose all your teeth. Photos, please. I’m fairly certain this will become my second  favorite day of the week on Facebook. My first? You’ll see…read on.

Wacko_Jacko_by_antijowyWacko-Wednesday:  Describe the times you’ve lost your mind in living detail. I know for some of you that’s every hour of every day, but pick out a few good ones and give us all the gory details. Men in white coats? Strait jacket?  I want to know!

thThuringer Thursday:  weigh in with your favorite lunch meat recipe. Creative cold-cut casseroles, tongue panini and even baloney bolognese, share it all with us here. Because the truth is we can’t live without nitrates and sodium. And you don’t need to give us calories–on Thuringer Thursday, no one counts ’em. Special bonus for lunch-meat smoothies.

i-love-saturated-fat-300x300Fat Content Friday:  describe the fat content in your meals for the week and describe your diet in excruciating detail. I want to know about that chocolate frosting as well as the fact that your healthy green smoothie had exactly ZERO grams of fat. Lay it all out here, expunge your guilt if you need to and live vicariously if you’re living on green drink alone.

tandem-smlSlutty Saturday: Absolutely my favorite day, because I get to read all about your bad sexual behavior. The time you picked up that Brit in a bar, tied him to a bannister, then left him. That threesome you did with a famous athlete.  The day you left your panties in your gardener’s truck.  Hope you have 52 slutty stories because that’s how many Saturdays there are in a year. And yes, guys are sluts, too. Ok, they’re “studs.”  Tell us how.

shhhSecret Sunday: tell us your deepest, most personal secrets. All of them. In detail. Name names and places. We want it all.  Shhh…just between us.

So, hey, let loose with a new story every single day of the week. It’s just social media.

We won’t tell a soul.

39 comments on “Reinventing social media days of the week
  1. So Tripping Tuesday… there was that time I was in Laguna Beach with my best friend at the time and holy cow tripping on window pane while playing in tide pools all day. Fun times. 🙂 hahaha loved this. No Macro Monday for you sis?

  2. Jennifer Steck says:

    I like Moan and Groan Monday. I moan every Monday already, so it’s a perfect fit. 🙂

  3. Karen @BakingInATornado says:

    Laughing and cringing all at once. Great ideas. I’m afraid if I participated in some of them my kids would finally take that last step over the edge and disown me.

  4. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Slutty Saturday in my DREAMS. I wish. Very funny. ” I love saturated fat”-I’ll have to find me one of them tee-shirts to wear to my next Slutty Saturday weenie roast.

  5. Michelle says:

    As long as my mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws are my “friends,” I will sadly be unable to participate! Unless we create a special group…

  6. My mom used to make me eat tongue cold cuts when I was younger. Ugh, I still get the shivers when I see it at the deli!

  7. Lori says:

    Fabulous – I can definitely do the Moan and Groan Monday but alas I have never “tripped”. Does alcohol count? 😉

  8. Ha! Your graphics are fantastic! (Though the tongue made me gag, the Tuesday one a little trippy.) 😀

    Yeah, the memes are pretty stupid… though I must admit to depending on the Wednesday and Thursday ones occasionally (though I do the Throwback Thursday different than most) when I’m low on creativity.

  9. Doreen McGettigan says:

    I am laughing, well except for that tongue, yuk. I think these are all great ideas but there would definitely have to be a secret group.
    Once I tried to have Monday rants on my blog but only got three of them.

  10. So funny Carol! It is very overwhelming that’s for sure!

  11. I think those Facebook days of the week are for non-rugged individualists.
    I’m creative!
    Don’t fence me in!

  12. Karen says:

    Brilliant. I look forward to the results… *pulling out notebook and pen*

  13. Diane says:

    We could call it the ‘dose of reality’ week. Where things get real over at Carol’s. *shudder* 🙂

  14. Jacqueline says:

    I’ve never been into those daily things… they really are so boring. Granted, you put a new spin on them!

  15. Suzanne Fluhr says:

    Felonious Friday—share the details of any felony you’ve committed —or thought of committing. The person who starts the meme should also out a Miranda warning—-just in case.

  16. Cute ideas Carol! But I can’t even imagine doing a post every single day! You bloggers that do that have my respect and admiration. Of course that is probably why your posts don’t take an hour and a half to read!

    • admin says:

      I’m a believer that a post should be as long as it takes to get the message across. Many of the longer posts are way over-written and boring. I don’t know who even reads them all!

  17. Hahahahaha! I too am getting a bit sick of all the FB days – throwback this, throwback that – who cares? I love yours. Not sure I’ll share any but they’re fun to consider. 🙂

  18. Damn, I wanted to share this with my whole social media world but I can’t find that little widget button. You mean you don’t have one?????

    • admin says:

      The widgets disappeared with last week’s WP update, but feel free to share via the link. My webmaster will fix soon.

  19. I don’t do the typical ones but quite honestly, I took offense to this. I have been doing my Gratitude Monday for a long time now before all these days cropped up. I started due to something I read & how Mondays are hard on people so I thought this was a good way to start the week. I think to each their own.. nothing wrong with it & nothing wrong with yours too! 🙂

    • admin says:

      This wasn’t aimed at you and as you know, I normally comment on your Mondays. It is, though, meant to be satirical. I can only write what comes to mind and no offense is ever intended.

  20. Mary Buchan says:

    Carol, you make blogging fun. I love this post! It brightened my day. Thank you!

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