Have you found your re-set button?

February 5, 2014
Another fabulous Storypeople thought, by Brian Andreas. I have so many of these.

A re-set button is such a great concept and it can be applied in so many different ways.

Imagine being able to re-set our lives so that we can go in a different direction whenever we want.

Hey! We can already do that!

Or the ability to change our mood from sad to glad in an instant.  Yep. We’ve got THAT power, too.

That’s right. We can reinvent ourselves any time we like, in ways big or small.

There’s nothing stopping us.  Nothing at all.

If you haven’t discovered your re-set button yet, it might be time.

25 comments on “Have you found your re-set button?
  1. I think turning 50 and becoming a blogger re-set my button! Great idea, Carol.

  2. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    I love StoryPeople, Carol! Isn’t it wonderful that we always have the choice to start over?
    A reminder always helps though, thank you!

  3. What a great concept! A reset button and I have had it all along! Great reminder at a great time!

  4. Excellent way of looking at it. I’m going to remember this!

  5. My blog Comeback Momma is all about my reset story. It’s never too late to make a comeback.

  6. Devin Mills says:

    Hi Carol, love this…just finished reading David Wolfe’s, Eating For Beauty, and in his book he says,”Take things lightly and you more readily enjoy each moment.” I think that also speaks to the process of reinventing ourselves. Don’t take things too seriously and enjoy the process.
    And speaking of reinvention, as a middle aged actress roles become less and less available in Hollywood. So I took to creating my own comedy online series, Dating In The Middle Ages.” It’s a comedy about searching for Mr. Middle-Aged Right in all the wrong places. It has won awards and we just finished our second season.
    Keep up the great work, Carol. I’ll be back! Sending Hugs…

  7. Diane says:

    Re-set when my first grandchild was born. Liking this new direction!

  8. My re-set button sticks. But it’s better than it was.

  9. I love the concept of a re-set button! So valuable.

  10. Jennifer Steck says:

    I love Brian Andreas’ art. I have several prints as well. I think it’s time to hit reset and live my life in a more healthy way and reaching out to experience new challenges.

  11. Kathy says:

    Found my reset button in January and just reset again. Always feel renewed when I do.

  12. I love this man’s art. I have one hanging in my bedroom that says “When I asked my mother why she never told me about the 10 commandments she said she was never really good with numbers so she just lived life the bestest she could.” I love it.

    I love the “reset button” idea. Thank you for sharing.


    • admin says:

      I have a bunch, too, and I love the one you mentioned–am not good with numbers, either, in that way and the other!

  13. Definitely need a reset & honest – I think too much social media can set you back.. 🙂

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