Riley’s dogbook

January 29, 2013
Riley’s gotten quite attached to our new, plush comforter.
It’s the perfect place to do doga.
The cushiony waves make a comfy place for a nap.
It’s almost like being enveloped in a cloud.
He likes it so well he brings his toys up.
This ratty ball was his very first toy, almost six years ago.
He loves it.
He can catch it in midair, too.
Sometimes it lies in wait for him.
 Television always makes him so sleepy!
Oh, why not? Close your little eyes…
Did you know it’s possible to sleep with your eyes open?
Or not.
When Riley is all cozy in the comforter, he hates 
to be disturbed. Can you tell?
Oh-so long-suffering.
Are you done yet?
I’ve really had enough.

Moving off the comforter now.
Froggy was waiting.
Froggy is steadfast.
Here’s a new place to rest.
Maybe it’s time for another nap.
Settling in.

In the land of Nod.
Just a quick snooze

You guys are so darn noisy! Can’t a dog get a nap around here?
I’m so cute.
Be sure you get that from my good side.
They’re all good.

But really, there’s only one favorite place to sleep. 
That’s because he’s figured out we got an electric blanket. 
It took him, oh, maybe a day.
6 comments on “Riley’s dogbook
  1. Anonymous says:

    such a face…so cute
    could not open yesterdays blog; maybe cuz i am on aol?

  2. What a cute little slug he is, I hurry over when i know RIley is appearing on your blog!

  3. He says “that’s how it should be,” Shel!

  4. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Such a sweet little thing :>)

  5. Haralee says:

    Too cute. Seems like a love affair with you 2!

  6. Wishing Riley a very HAPPY 6th Birthday!! It is so fun to keep in touch with you & see you in pictures via facebook and your blog.
    You have it good Riley, and I think you know that 😉

    Love & Hugs from your Family

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