Road trips: pro and con

August 4, 2011

A friend of mine took a long motorcycle road trip last month. Besides the fact that I’d be terrified to be that unprotected and vulnerable on the road, I can’t imagine how my butt would feel after a week on a bike, hour after hour, day after day. Nope. God bless him, but road trips can be tedious and repetitious enough, without adding butt pain to the mix.
Mile and miles of asphalt and hour after hour of white line define monotony. When we drove to San Diego in August, I was good for a couple of hours. After that, though, I was ready for something new.

And then, a delightful sight.

This is actually a reservoir. San Luis Reservoir, to be exact. It looked beautiful in the sunshine. These pretty little sights are like unexpected gifts on the road.

And then, we were lucky enough to score a great room at our destination: the sight below our San Diego balcony. (see above & below)
We’re talking about a road trip to Montana next summer. The mountains and all. It’s bound to have more gorgeous sights than driving down I-5 to San Diego, right? Won’t it? Tell me it will.

Hubby is not buying my idea of “glamping” in Montana. That’s luxury camping with your own “camping butler.” He thinks $900 a night is too much for a tent and a servant.

I say $900 a night is too little to pay ME to actually rough it.

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