Rochester, NY: a geography lesson

July 2, 2011

On our way to Rochester, NY, landing Sunday evening.

We’re from New York State. But most people assume that means New York City. No.

Take a look at this county map of the state. Now look at the far left, right along that bend of white space that represents Lake Ontario. Yes, one of the Great Lakes.

Start with Niagara County on the top left and move toward the right to Orleans County and then MONROE. Yes. Monroe County. Right on the lake. It’s in Western New York.

THAT is where M and I grew up. Although it is not where we met. We met in Onandaga County (Syracuse) just a few counties east.

Now look way toward the bottom. The island of Manhattan. THAT is New York City. So no, we won’t be visiting the Statue of Liberty this week. It is seven driving hours away from Monroe County. On a good day.

(Oh hey, if you’re a do-badder, don’t think our house is empty. Our petsitters are living in this week.)

Here’s a closer in view of the ‘hood.

See that town up top with the Indian name? It’s where I’m from. Irondequoit. Yeah, think about learning to spell THAT as a kid.

Geography lesson is over. And we are soon off. Be safe this holiday!

2 comments on “Rochester, NY: a geography lesson
  1. Cheri says:

    Thank you for that lesson! I, too, thought NYC was all of New York. You’re really from the sticks! Have a great time.

  2. Graciel says:

    i am just a couple counties over, on the edge of erie, teetering on genesee. you picked a fabulous time to come. the weather is spectacular and we up here in western ny state know how to put on a rousing 4th.

    enjoy the festivities!

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