Root, root, root for the home team…

April 7, 2010

When I saw Tim Lincecum pitch at a Giants game last season I thought he looked like he was about 12 years old. But an exciting pitcher!

We’ve got tickets for a Giants-Phillies game at the end of the month and I am totally jazzed about it. I’ll get to break in the Giants cap M. gave me for Christmas.

M. and I both love the relaxed pace of baseball and the ability to sit and actually see plays as they happen (not so fast you need instant replay, as in football, for example). It’s easy to really enjoy the game when you can understand what’s going on.

Being retired means day games are possible — how easy to take a 10:30am train up to the City, get there at 11:40am or so (the train lets off right near the park) and be seated in plenty of time for the 12:45pm start.

And how civilized to either hang out in the City afterwards, or simply hop the train home well before evening.

Speaking of baseball, my young friend is waiting for his assignment, likely Class A short season. Definitely not California, a disappointment for us, but could be west coast, southwest or east coast.

He’s given us a tiny window into the world of pro baseball and we’re dying to know more. If he’s posted anywhere near our coast, we’ll zip out to see him play and take him to dinner.

Baseball season has begun and we are ON it!

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