Walking the sacred path with friends who stick like glue

October 19, 2020

This is for Michael, Gregory, Bonnie, Michele, Scott, bestie Lee, Maui girls Susan and Alice, Cheri, Joanne, MaryLou and for my beloved Marilyn, who is now on the other side but still always present.

I live a life of the mind and the heart. It is not for everyone. Sometimes it’s a challenge even for me, and it’s my own life.

I feel wildly fortunate to have as life partner a man who accepts this about me and even appreciates it, although he is very, very different. He is also very patient.

Equally miraculous are the friends who have found their way to my side and stick there like glue. Some are on a similar quest, others not at all. The magnificent support we provide each other is only possible because we know and accept the other for exactly who we are. No “if only” or “but” or any qualifications at all. None. Together, we walk the sacred path of life. Hand in hand figuratively, if not literally.

It took a long time for me to find this mutually supportive tribe and I appreciate each of them.

Support begins with trust–which leads to sharing and that’s such an important word. While there may be times that one of us needs more than the other, the total relationship is never all about one person. It is always in balance.  I share things that trouble, satisfy or excite me. They share the same for them. We are present for each other.

I am never happier than when a friend has good fortune. I feel their pain, too. We are happy and sad for one another. We offer our observations. We care about what happens to the other.

Those names up top? Those relationships? They make life worth living.

Because life can be hard. We can trip up at any point along the way and God knows, I have, many times. My heart is usually on my sleeve for all to see. And to touch. I am more vulnerable than you might realize.

Do you have friends like that? Whose hearts you can actually clearly see? If you do, I hope you treat them with respect, with kindness and care as you walk the sacred path of life together.

(To my beautiful tribe:  I do love you more than coffee. Which is saying a lot.)

8 comments on “Walking the sacred path with friends who stick like glue
  1. Paula Kiger says:

    Hard to respond without resorting to cliche, but you’re right about how invaluable these friends are.

  2. Never has there been a time when we needed our tribe. Every day brings a new challenge and our tribes are what gets us through.

  3. Diane says:

    More and more, I’m finding I need my friends. Perfectly said, Carol!

  4. Beth HAvey says:

    I have been blessed with friends from all times of my life. Now that I’m
    back in Chicago, I will even be reconnecting with grade school friends. Life
    is good, but I want COVID to go away. Glad you are doing well, Beth

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