How can it be we’re all under the same moon?

December 7, 2021


Always remember we are under the same sky,
looking at the same moon.
~Maxine Lee

Late one night I stood in the center of my patio and stared up at the moon.

We’re closing in quickly on two years of this pandemic and it looks like we may not get our old life back again.

Masking in public places will be normal for many of us. At our house, we’ll avoid events that might put us at risk. That low level of anxiety about a breakthrough infection may stick with me, because, despite statistics, people I know who have gotten sick post-vaccination report very scary symptoms, indeed. Few things are as bad as feeling like you can’t breathe.

Equally distressing is how the pandemic revealed so many Americans as selfish, clueless and just plain stupid. It’s not a pretty look and it does not provide comfort in our future. Who could anticipate there’d be so much blowback over mandates meant to keep everyone safe?

Same sky

I try to remember that we are all under the same sky, looking at the same moon. But sometimes? It doesn’t feel like it.

So much for our golden years.

There’s no denying the reality of life today and it’s up to us to find a way to cope with it. I’m still working that out, given how big a role travel has played in our life.

We love to cruise, and still have one rescheduled for 2023. Will we feel comfortable at that time? I don’t know.

Different values

We love our little home in our hometown and hanging out there with loved ones. We even loved the winter snow last year, which we hadn’t experienced for a very long time. Yet, covid numbers there are not good at all. We planned to be there this Christmas but don’t feel safe doing it. We keep our distance from others who have taken risks we wouldn’t take. Will we ever feel comfortable being with others there? I’m planning to go alone in the spring for a writing retreat but we all hope to spend mid summer to late fall together there. Dogs, too. Will we actually do it?

Despite all those considerations, we are stepping out a bit more even now, but carefully. The introduction of Omicron is something we now have to consider, too.

Had a very safe two nights on the Monterey peninsula and will have two more in San Francisco next week to see the city in its festive holiday attire. Considering that it does get chilly in San Francisco and outdoor dining may not be practical, we may have to maneuver a bit. I am big on room service. Yes, exorbitantly overpriced, but what’s a girl to do?

Soft opening

Maui is on the February schedule, with some of our favorite people. We’re staying at a friend’s place and we’ve been so many times we know how to stay safe. So we feel good about it. The thought of a whale watch and a snorkeling trip are exciting!

Yellowstone under discussion for early June. Since it’s all about outdoors, right now I’m pretty ok with that, too. But I did want to go on some nature walks that will involve others so …

You know how some restaurants do a “soft opening”? You might say that we’re doing a soft opening of our post-pandemic lives.

We’ll see how it goes.



9 comments on “How can it be we’re all under the same moon?
  1. Diane says:

    We have booked a holiday on St. Lucia for January, but the way things are going, we’re re-thinking. Who would have imagined we’d still be in the middle of this two years on? Early on, there was a joke about a time-traveler coming back to the year 2020. When he finds out what time period he landed in he says, “Oh, rats! Right at the start of the first decade of Covid!” Of course, we laughed.
    Not laughing now!
    Please stay safe!

    • It’s a strange time. I am quite on the fence about the right thing…surely it is to keep safe. I think Maui is a safe bet for many reasons (how we fly, where we stay, how well we know the area) but Rochester is not an option at present.

  2. I love the idea of a soft opening. We haven’t ventured very far at all. My dad is medically fragile and I worry about bring home some virus when I go to see him, even though I’ve been vaccinated and boostered and already had Covid. It is still such a distressing time. Your plans sound lovely though. I think big, open spaces are the way to go!

    • Yes. We were in the Van Gogh immersive in SF and my husband felt people were getting too close to him not matter what so he just walked out. I think we all have our comfort levels.

  3. Alana says:

    I like “soft opening”; it’s a really good description. Guess my soft opening was spending several days in Vermont this past September, even dining indoors once. A co worker took a cruise to the Bahamas out of New Jersey earlier this month; got a good deal last minute. 30% capacity. Fully vaxxed adults only, everyone had to be tested prior to boarding, masks required. And once in the Bahamas, masks and social distancing everywhere. She said she felt safer on the cruise than going to her local supermarket. About Rochester, four hospitals (including Strong Memorial) are having to suspend elective surgeries effective Thursday until 1/15/22 due to capacity of 10% or less. And yet people here have low vax rates and I still see a lot of unmasked people when I shop. ??? I do wonder that we and others apparently live in two different worlds – Earth 1 and Earth 2, as Rachel Maddow puts it.

  4. I’ve been out of LA a few times since the first lockdown and for the most part, people were complying. Although some flights were packed to the gills where you couldn’t even move. Of course, there is always a sneezer beside you when that happens. But so far, no sickness here. Not even a cold. Masks, handwashing, and vaccines make a huge difference and where I live in LA has been pretty good with toeing the line.

  5. Alana says:

    “Soft opening” is a very good description, and I hope you can do all the traveling you are thinking of. I’m guessing my soft opening was a short visit to Vermont (3 1/2 hours from home) back in September. It was so good to be in a place that was highly vaccinated. Even ate indoors once (haven’t done before or after). Yes, those two worlds. The careful and caring and the other world… Rachel Maddow describes these two worlds as “Earth One” and “Earth Two” and I see it daily where I live. A lot of people where I live (Southern Tier of NY) still don’t mask in stores and we are only 60% vaxxed in our county. Incidentally, a co worker recently took a cruise to the Bahamas out of New Jersey. 30% occupancy, vaccinations required for all adults, mandatory masks, tested before boarding. She said she felt safer than when visiting her local stores when she got back!

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