A San Francisco holiday

December 23, 2015

San-Francisco-holidayWe decided to take a San Francisco holiday last week, and spent a couple nights up the peninsula, enjoying the sights and sounds of the City at this festive time of year. Easy to do, as we live only 55 miles south of the city.

Dinner with wonderful friends made our stay extra-special and so much fun! But any San Francisco holiday MUST include extensive walking and enjoying the outpouring of holiday cheer, some familiar and some, well, not so much. So come along with us, will you?

San-Francisco-holidaySadly, a sign of the times. Read all the way down.

San-Francisco-holidayMacy’s window display is a delight every Christmas, when the ASPCA takes over a few to display some of the beautiful pets up for adoption. This Papillon mix stole our hearts. Too bad Riley won’t hear of us getting another dog.

cat 2 cute macyAdorable equal time given to this beautiful kitty. This feline was definitely ready for a close-up!  Several volunteers were on hand outside the windows to take donations and did a booming business. The Macy’s holiday windows are a “must-see” every year for most of us living in the Bay area.

San-Francisco-holidayAnd the window dressers at Tiffany did not fail to impress. I went crazy over their display this year and especially loved this. I mean, so beautifully designed!  And then:

Tiffany window prettyI loved this, too. Tiffany has special meaning for me. My very first Christmas gift from my husband this time around–before we’d even gotten together again–was a box like this with something special inside.  The cute little gift boxes in Tiffany’s iconic blue were a perfect way to display a wedding set.  By the way, did you know the name of the store is TIFFANY with no “s?”  It’s a common error.

shiny gold window

Sparkly gold windows warmed up the chilly day.

clever card holderThis clever way to present a dinner bill, with slots for pen and credit card, was presented to us after dinner at Fog City.  Its predecessor restaurant, Fog City Diner, was always a favorite of  mine; two years ago the owners re-conceptualized it and shortened the name. We met our lovely friends E and P for dinner there and we all agreed that the menu was wonderful. Corner of Battery and Embarcadero. Go.

pits in shadesTheir owner looked a bit tough but he was thrilled when I asked to take their picture. They were a friendly pair, too.

San-Francisco-holidayThe holiday ice skating rink that goes up at Union Square is always fun. We loved watching the kids try to keep their balance; for many this was their first ice skating attempt. This little boy kept slamming into the railing. We grew up in the snowy western New York area where we ice skated every weekend, so we felt his pain! But he looks like he’s having a ball.


Lightening foodWell, you know, I just had to take a photo of this. I am CERTAIN that they meant “lightning” as in “fast” foods. Because I doubt their food lightens anything but our moods. Let this serve as a reminder of the importance of spelling. This is a new location on Pine of a Mission St. place that closed.

Santa cute

Gump’s, where traditional Santa was on display among all the other beautiful holiday decorations. But a few blocks further on:

black santaSanta for the rest of the world. Ho ho ho!

Gumps creche

Gump’s always has fabulous holiday displays and it was reassuring to see this beautiful creche scene among all the baubles and bulbs. I haven’t seen many decorations that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, as this one did.

And so: if you have a chance to enjoy a San Francisco holiday, take it.

We wish you and yours a merry week.


20 comments on “A San Francisco holiday
  1. I so love San Fran…Love the pet display. How great is that idea? Gumps and funny sign spelling. You guys clearly had a great time. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Carol!

  2. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for a wonderful tour – especially the adorable animals in the windows. What a clever way to bring awareness and invoke the holiday spirit!

  3. Thank you for the lovely tour of SF! I don’t think I could’ve passed Macy’s window without bursting into “How much is that doggie in the window?”

  4. andi says:

    i don’t know what i like more – the chocolate – or the pets – or the ice skating 🙂

  5. Barbara says:

    Love that Macy’s window! What a great idea. I hope they made lots of $$ and got homes for those sweet pups!

  6. Jonathan Key says:

    I would love to visit San Francisco some day! I love all the pictures. I think my wife would love the organic teas and chocolates stores. Lovely post as usual.

  7. I am so envious of anyone who gets to see a big city in the winter. Especially at Christmas time. We live in the boon docks, seriously, we don’t even have a red light here. Your photos are jumping out at me.

  8. My husband is a die-hard Giants fan so he would move to SF in a New York minute! I love it there. Thanks for the tour.

    When I worked in Manhattan I’d go to Tiffany’s on my lunch hour. Their top floor had a $30 and less floor (see how old I am) and I’d buy something as a gift just to get that blue box! I openly want to be Holly Golightly and have a cup of coffee and donut in a gown as I stare at the Tiffany’s window at dawn. Yup. I have to lose a few pounds. 🙂

    Animals in windows? I hate that. I know it may help them get adopted but it gives me the chills. Just like clothes on pets is literally a pet peeve of mine. I know I’m alone on this one.

    The rest was gorgeous, festive, fun and THANKS SO MUCH, Carol. I really enjoyed touring with you. Merry, Merry Christmas, my friend.

  9. How beautiful. Now San Francisco at Christmas is on my Christmas list!

  10. This makes me want to take a quick trip to San Francisco! So much holiday cheer!

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    I like the fact that Macy’s allow animals to be displayed, it would be great to know that these fur babies would have a home during the Holidays. The streets are full of little reminders of Christmas, it would be lovely to take a walk there.

  12. WendysHat says:

    Lucky you! I love visiting San Fransisco anytime but especially during the holidays. You hit many of my favorite spots too! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Liz Mays says:

    So many Christmas delights to partake in! That kitty is stealing my heart too. I went ice skating this year for the first time in forever and it was holiday perfect.

  14. All the pictures are incredible and I would love to visit San Francisco some day!

  15. Ari Adams says:

    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! I would love to visit around the holidays one day! Thanks for the tour.

  16. We live close to SF and never get tired of going there!! love it so much that I still look forward to going to the city. Loved the pictures and glad you are having fun too!

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