San Francisco: the city of love

March 22, 2016

A store at Union Square, San Francisco.

It’s only fitting that, wandering around San Francisco, the city where the Love Generation took hold, I found stores still rockin’ the 60s vibe.

60s-styleYes, yes, I know, 60s-era clothing styles got a little updating and became fashionable again. I was thrilled–I love the styles. Just didn’t think the styles would be so enduring. Apparently, they are, because they show no signs of being replaced with, say, the white shoes and shiny suits of the 1970s.


jeans embroidYes, we actually did stuff like this on our jeans in the 1960s. In fact, I still have a small daisy patch I was going to embroider on my jeans when I was in college. I still have it.

Even Dolce i Gabbana get into the 60s spirit, in their own, inimitable way.


San Francisco is just made for wandering, don’t you think?  So many fun things to see.  For example, walk into Fog City, my favorite restaurant, but don’t tarry and this is why:


An apology in the ladies’ room:

Yes, it was quite tiny,but thanks to my trainer, I fit, no problem.


This was bound to happen, don’t you think?


People in San Francisco take this advice to heart. At Kate Spade, I think.

San-FranciscoSomething elegant for everyone. Including the dog.


It’s not San Francisco without activism. I support this campaign.


We love our unsavory history. The Barbary Coast….just the name sends chills down my spine.


But we have our silliness, too. I mean, seriously?? Who buys this stuff? Actually, my mother would have. She would have bought one for each of her three children.

San-FranciscoA favorite (and famous) breakfast spot.


Great advice in a window.


Have you enjoyed your virtual tour of San Francisco highlights?  So what’s on your mind? We love comments!


VW nice day

19 comments on “San Francisco: the city of love
  1. How fun to be shown around, without having to walk up and down the streets (that’s what I remember most—the hills!!!) jodie

    • Once in a while we’ll take a ‘hood tour, like a good Chinatown tour or one of North Beach, but I’ve lived in this area since ’84 and have my favorite things to do. I rarely get sick of Union Square, it’s great for people watching. I’ll be back to SF on Saturday for museum and theatre with a friend.

  2. We took the kids there for spring break last year. An eye-opening experience for them to say the least. We loved our visit to a tiny Fortune Cookie factory in China town. But they’ll remember the city most for a drunk guy verbally attacking us on the bus, unfortunately, so scary for them. I love the pictures you’ve included. I’m a love child deep down.

  3. Terri says:

    I have never visited CA, thank you for the great tour of San Francisco. I would love to visit one day.

  4. I do love San Francisco and believe it is the most beautiful city in the world. It’s been too many years since I was there and I’m way overdue a visit.

  5. San Francisco is a monument to love and peace! I love it. I was too young to be a real hippie….but once I grew up and understood it, I wish I had been. Sort of.

  6. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I visited San Fran about 10 years ago and loved it. What a fascinating city. I hope to return someday.

  7. My sister lives right outside San Francisco – what a great city. This made me miss the 60s and my patched jeans.

  8. Carolann says:

    My daughter should move there. She’s such a hippie. lol. I’ll have to share this post with her. She will love it!

  9. roz warren says:

    Now that my son and daughter in law live in the area, I’m always interested in cool San Francisco stuff. I’ll have to check out Fog City.

  10. Gary Mathews says:

    I don’t if I could live out there, but this just reaffirms I definitely want to visit San Fran one day!

  11. Paola says:

    I love San Francisco, its is such a beautiful place, I would love to live there.

  12. Anna Palmer says:

    What great images! On a political note I am glad to see the pro vaccine sign. I have lived in liberal communities that have spotty vaccine participation and it has always made me worried. I know San Fran is ripe for that!

  13. Adrian says:

    How amazing! I always dreamed about visiting San Francisco. I frequently find myself watching travel videos on youtube about it. Can’t wait for that to happen. Can you recommend me some places to put on my list for when I will finally visit?

    • Alcatraz. Union Square. Either or both Fine Arts Museums. Museum of Modern Art. Ferry Building.Walk the Embarcadero. North Beach. Fisherman’s Wharf. You can also enter San Francisco in my site’s search box and come up with all different places.

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