Santa Fe colors

October 28, 2015

Santa-Fe-colorsIt’s the Santa Fe colors that I’ll remember when I leave here.

The familiar sight of ristra vendors.
How beautiful the deep red ristras are, and how omnipresent.

Raku sun plaque
The sun shone on this Raku piece early in my trip and I had to bring it home.

Tesuque sculpI loved this. At Tesuque.

glass appleThis gorgeous creation was blown through…

blo2…a process like this…

blow18Byan artisan like him.

basket innardsA beautifully woven basket.

black necklace ortegaI loved this. I actually wanted to duplicate it, but couldn’t find the beads at the big bead shop in Santa Fe.

my SF earringsBut I bought these earrings, instead. The orange is “spiny oyster.” I love them.

handMore raku on display.

tired ftMaybe you need a rest?

Tesuque teaOr a refreshing glass of iced tea.

heart lightLet your heart light shine.

coyoteCoyote at a museum.

my coyoteCoyote that will soon live in my house. Remember those glass blowers? Yes.

sage designsEnough sage at the farmers market to cleanse and bless an entire city.

bord hubThen, there was this.

pretty blue doorI like to think of this pretty blue door as the magic door in and out of Santa Fe.

Bernies sky

Photo by B. McGuire-Rivera

And then, there’s this: the sky over my friend’s mountaintop home in Santa Fe.

Did you enjoy this look at Santa Fe colors? Which was your favorite sight?

37 comments on “Santa Fe colors
  1. That sky photo is amazing! I love looking at all those pictures, and really need to plan a trip to Santa Fe. It seems like a very magical place.

  2. the colours are beautiful and I especially love that red glass (I’m a bit of a glass lover) I think your coyote will be a great addition to the home.

  3. So many beautiful things here and the colors are outstanding! I especially love the jewelry, the glass pear and the coyote. The painted doors are lovely, too!

    • Oh, the jewelry, can we talk? Every time I walked into the store I love and admired something, M. was ready to buy it. I was responsible, though, and just got the earrings there. The store is Ortega’s on the Plaza and it is AMAZING.

  4. Laurie Oien says:

    Beautiful pieces! Really like the coyote and love, love the blue door – it almost looks periwinkle in the picture! Great Santa Fe style 🙂

  5. judybuller says:

    I loved it all and am so glad you got the additions for your home, my favorite was the raku items and the sage at the farmers market. Loved the pics and explanations, felt like i was visiting also, thanks

  6. Kim says:

    All those colors are amazing, but I loved the shot of the chiles!

  7. Oh wow! It’s so beautiful! I especially love the glass creations. I’ve been saying I’ll have a go at glass blowing for years 🙂

  8. Joan Stommen says:

    Pictures worth a 1000 words! Great photos, Carol…..makes me want to visit! But the way you’ve captured details with color is so intimate and reminds me of “stop and smell the flowers.” Something we all need to do more of! Refreshing post in it’s simplicity, but visual power! Thank you?

  9. I really love the photo at the end, but I am also partial to blown glass too.

  10. They are so so beautiful! I often wish that they would translate well here in New England.

  11. I haven’t been to Santa Fe in many years, but the colors are what stay with me as well!

  12. Samantha says:

    This is a beautiful post! Love these photos!

  13. Stacey says:

    Gorgeous! I’m a visual person, so I love that I could see the beauty of Santa Fe in this post.

  14. Katy Kozee says:

    I always love seeing your photography. What great colors – stunning!

  15. michelle says:

    SO MUCH beauty here. Love the pictures so much.

  16. Linda Hobden says:

    Aah … Santa Fe is on my bucket list on places to visit … I think I’m drawn to its colourful aura …. and that turquoise gate in the first photo – I love that! ????

  17. Those colors are beautiful. Santa Fe really does have its own sort of unique style and color palette, and I love it.

  18. I love all of these sights and the colors are amazing. I painted my bedroom a color very similar to the first photo, the gate. It was so shocking to us at first but now we cannot imagine how we ever slept and woke in a white room:)

  19. Spectacular colors! I would love to see that glass blower at work. There were glass blowers at my first place of work, when I was a teen, and I would spend my breaks watching the artisans create magnificent pieces. (I’ve always worried, though, what happens if they accidentally inhale while blowing glass. Or sneeze!)

  20. Tammy says:

    I adore Santa Fe. When I lived in Colorado Springs it was a fire hour beautiful drive. I still have friends who live there…all transplants from L.A. It has a certain “feel” to it. A rested, sacred kind of feel. My fav? Oh, I’ve got to go with the sky shot and absolutely the little red coyote!

  21. Holy Hot Pepper what a show! Love them all but maybe the red glass pear, then there’s the iced tea which I LOVE, and the jewelry… You really live the LIFE!!

  22. Ruth Curran says:

    “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow, it’s clouds illusions I recall.” I miss those Santa Fe clouds.

  23. Anca says:

    I enjoyed your post a lot. The colours are beautiful and interesting. I like the chairs, especially the one for “Bored Husband” 😀

  24. Ashley says:

    Such vibrant colors!

  25. Wow, those colors really are stunning! I remember loving Santa Fe when we visited during an RV trip.

  26. Just love the photography!

  27. Tracy Snyder says:

    Wow! So many colors, all so inspiring!!! I think my favorite is the sky! Thank you for sharing Santa Fe through your eyes with us at Welcome Home Wednesday!

  28. bunkcollege says:

    Hear Mind and Soul. Great!

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