Season life with a little mischief

January 24, 2012
I remember* a day, decades ago, when late one night
(long before the necessary paranoia that defines”security” today)
after an evening out and a few cocktails
M, a couple of friends and I somehow got into the office of the Governor of Florida.

Yep. Right into his office.
And into his chair.

It was mischief,
accompanied by artificially furtive behavior
and peals of laughter.

We did no harm. And we left before security arrived.
Ok, truth is we narrowly escaped
being caught by security.
But oh, what fun it was!

I don’t recommend trying that today.

But I highly recommend seasoning life this year
with a little harmless mischief.

Got any suggestions, or a mischief story of your own?
*M doesn’t remember it. But I do.

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