Secret agent, Facebook-style

August 29, 2010

My husband isn’t the social media type.

First, he’s only social in person. And second, he isn’t all that interested in what other people are doing every second. In fact, he couldn’t care less.

But he’s learned a little something about Facebook.

We were talking recently about someone we know who’s just become a Facebook member. However, this person has hidden every single thing about themselves, except name and gender. Not a drug dealer or a secret agent. Just secretive.

I commented that the person certainly was delusional if s/he thought anyone was all that interested in them.

“Why is this person even on social media?” he asked me. “What’s the point? Why don’t they just email their friends, instead?”

Well, yeah. Good point.

I love it when a social media Luddite asks good questions that make me laugh.

One comment on “Secret agent, Facebook-style
  1. Anonymous says:

    That was a nice post Carol. I like how you write. The metaphor for your blog being like a clothes line is very good. 🙂

    I was doing the laundry the other day myself when I thought of the same thing…how cool it would be to have a clothes line in my yard…you know one of those upside down umbrealla shaped ones. So I asked my mother if we should buy one and she said…”Hell no, I hate those things.” I found this funny because my mother never did much of the home chores outside of cooking when we were growing up. My Grandmother lived with us and did almost all of the domestic Goddess work around the house.

    It is so serendipitous how much you and I think alike…I love it. (Hope that does not sound egotystical hahahahaha oh FUKC them if it does.)!


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