Secrets and lies

January 7, 2010

I keep a great secret.

But you know what? I’d rather not.

Some friends were getting a divorce, but stayed together for a period of time to work out some family issues.

Early on, their plans were a secret.

They each ended up confiding their plans to me in long telephone calls.

I kept the secret. Neither knew the other had talked to me. Nor did anyone else.

Two years later, when the news started to go “public,” a third related party told me the “secret” News I accepted without comment, and certainly without saying I’d known for years.

One of the divorcing pair had specifically asked me not to mention to that person that I’d known all along. So I didn’t.

Nor did I speak about the situation to anyone.

Later, the third person confronted me, a little bit of a prissy, hissy fit, really, concerned that I had broken their confidence on this issue.

Of course, what could I say? That I hadn’t broken their confidence? That I’d known for years?

I could have. And I should have.

I said nothing.

I should have just spilled it. Said that I’d known all along. And let the chips fall where they fell.

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