Seductive India draws me like a magnet

June 12, 2012

India’s rich culture, spiritual underpinnings and history have always meant exotic. The people. The heat, the noise, the confusion, the food and, maybe even the smells conspire to draw me like a magnet.

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I’m taken with the vibrant colors that seem to be everywhere.

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Somehow, amidst great poverty, Indian people express the joy of life through their colorful attire. I love this photo of a peddler resting against the backdrop of vibrantly-hued outfits for sale.

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Saris and bracelets in every possible shade. Expressively feminine and seductive. In fact, despite its poverty, the entire country seems seductive. This woman is just beautiful.

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This photograph is framed artfully. All the little details and colors–perfection.

 Sometimes it seems that the poorest cultures have the most gorgeous and colorful adornments.

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These graceful garments bring home the limitations of Western dress.  I’d rather wear these colorful, loose, stunning saris, both practical and a fashion statement, than our Western attire.

 I’m secretly addicted to the intricate Bollywood song and dance numbers that highlight every Indian film. In the middle of a dramatic scene, somehow everyone breaks into song and falls in line for a fantastic dance scene. It never fails to crack me up, but the music and dance moves are beautiful. I dare you to sit still while watching and listening to the video below:

I’d love to see a subtitled Bollywood movie in India.

And then, there’s the Pushkar Fair, a five-day camel and livestock fair full of color and noise and…50,000 camels! It dates back to the early 1900s and includes camel races, livestock sales, song and dance and various fair-type contests, such as “the longest moustache.”

In 2013, we’ll be among the thousands of tourists enjoying the festivities. Can’t wait to experience it.

Have you been to India? How was your trip and what do you recommend we do there?

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