Seeding blossoms

November 3, 2011
Every man dies.
Not every man really lives.
-William Wallace

I read this the other day and loved it:

I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid, more accessible;
to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise.
I choose to risk my significance,
to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom,
and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.
-Dawna Markova

“A wing, a torch, a promise.”


Also beautiful: when people actually “get” you.

I was touched and taken aback last month when two of my close friends complimented me at different times on helping seed blossoms. Thank you, Helen and Gregory, for those loving, generous words that just made my October. xoxoxo

One comment on “Seeding blossoms
  1. Kelly says:

    that was beautiful. LOVE IT

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