Seeking wholesome cuss words

April 3, 2012

Now that I’m really in senior citizen land, at least chronologically, I’m not so sure I should be dropping the F bomb as much as I like to. Or the “sh__” word.

I mean, I’m still me.  I’ll still do it, but maybe not so much.

Consequently, I’m looking for some new cuss words.

I’m lovin’ Mabel’s Feng shui! above.

And I heard a really good phrase on the TV show, The Amazing Race the other day:

Oh, cheese & crackers!

I liked it.  Then, a friend offered another:

Shut the front door!

Wholesome exclamations are new to me, so I thought I’d check with you: got any nice cuss terms that I can substitute for my trashy ones?

Just askin’.

One comment on “Seeking wholesome cuss words
  1. Eöwyn II says:

    It depends on if you’re angry, surprised, etc.

    Crumbs and crumb
    Oh my word
    What in the world
    For real
    Would you look at that

    If you want some more or other ones, just let me know! I hope this helps!

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