Seer, serendipity or snow job?

June 5, 2014
Fortune cookie

The most useful cookie fortune ever. Yes, I got this a few weeks ago.

This is the second part of a series on … well, what IS it on?

Can the future really be predicted? Can some people actually talk to the dead?  In yesterday’s post I talked about my experience with psychics and mediums. I’m continuing the discussion today.

One sunny afternoon last summer, my husband and I were strolling around a northern California beach town and saw a sign for psychic readings. I decided to go in for a 15-minute reading.

“Two things are vying for your attention,” said the reader. “You think you’ll be fulfilled by both, but really, only one of them is your destiny. The Universe will guide you, pay attention to the signs.”

It was true. I’d been involved in two major activities and I loved them both. They weren’t coexisting well, though, because one was super-time consuming. It had also turned super-bad super-fast.

That morning I’d said to my husband, “Do you think it’s too late to pull out of (Activity 1)? Would it be unethical? I really don’t want to do it.”

“It would be unethical,” he said. “You’ve already committed to it and it’s too late to back out.” I knew he was right, but I really wanted to back out. So we went to the beach, had a nice lunch and I had a card reading.

That afternoon, the phone rang. I was given the opportunity to back out of Activity 1 with no harm and no foul. I took it.

My husband shook his head. “Ok, this is probably beyond coincidence.”

Probably??? I laughed. The Universe had spoken. And had told me it would speak. But then again, these things happen to me all of the time. I think they happen to everyone, but not everyone pays attention. We call it “serendipity” or “happenstance.” I’ve had so many of these “flukes” or coincidences that it really did shift my husband closer to my beliefs than I thought was possible.

how_do_you_define_spiritualityAlmost two years ago I had a session with a medium. In the session a woman came forward. She said she was one of my guides and her purpose was “healer.” She told me that during a time of great grief she sat with me every night and combed “tiny little thorns of grief” out of my hair. I remember that time of grief well. The imagery was beautiful.

My healer told me that she had no reason to make herself known to me until then and she was coming forward to tell me that I was going to suffer an injury in the future. That it would feel like it was never going to go away, but that it WOULD go away. She felt I needed that information, probably because she knows I am neurotic. (It doesn’t take a psychic to know that!)

Three months ago, I suffered just such an injury. It’s stuck with me a very long time. Could this be what she foretold? I believe it is.

Of course, this could be a coincidence. I just don’t think it is.

faith is

This hangs in my office.

It took me a long time to understand what “faith” is and to have it. Even though I was raised a Roman Catholic, I never believed any of it and never understood how others did. Now, though, I have a better understanding of faith.

“Fundamentalist Christians are just as convinced of their path as you are of yours,” my husband said once. I get that. I also get that there are many paths to the Divine.

I don’t need or even expect other people to believe as I do, although it turns out that many do. I can only tell my experience. What others do with it is up to them.

Have you had an experience with psychics or mediums? Things in your life that aren’t easily explained by chance? Or do you think it’s all hogwash? I’d like to know.

I am in Portland, OR at the Fourth Annual Afterlife Conference. I’ll blog about my experiences when I return.

36 comments on “Seer, serendipity or snow job?
  1. My editors and I were having trouble agreeing on the title for my first book. My dead brother told me the title in a dream. I insisted on his suggestion.
    Last week a medium told me that my son was so proud I used the title he gave me for my project. My brother called me Mom.
    Like I said yesterday, I no longer believe in coincidence.

  2. I don’t know what I believe. I loved the analogy of combing thorns of grief out of your hair. xo

  3. I’ve had my dad and grandma, who have died, appear in real vivid dreams. They seemed different than my ordinary dreams. I’m hopeful!

  4. I definitely believe there is a spiritual side to our existence that’s even more real that this earthly reality. I listen to the spiritual side constantly.

  5. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    I ve had my chart read three times.One said she saw a book in my future, and that my daughter was going to be an outstanding, bright “star”. That was in 1999. She was also the first to tell me I had a difficult, but loving mother.
    Then I had a reading by a neighborhood “witch” as she was called. She opened by telling me if her husband came home, we’d have to stop–that he was very much against her reading horoscopes and tarot to people–said it was unfair of her. Hummmm. She was spot- on though and identified my husband’s infidelity (which I did not know about then.)I have little recall as to what else she said, but as I walked out the door, she called to me” Life is hard, Ryder, I’m afraid,” and I thought I was going to die.
    My other astrology reading focused more on the positive, thank God.

  6. kim tackett says:

    I think there are magical moments when the stars align, and others can help us see what we, for whatever reason, can not. Sometimes our friends, our spouse, our moms can see. Sometimes it’s someone we just met. I suspect part of this Carol, is that you are open to their gifts and vision.

  7. Donna says:

    I have so many experiences with “the great beyond” that I don’t even think about it as maybe odd. I am very comfortable with the knowledge our families protect us, guide us, warn us…I know that God has seen our path going forward, He knows everything that is going to happen to us so he puts things in our path to help us, solutions, people, whatever we need. All we have to do is have the faith to find them. For instance I know that God wants me to be a success, so when those negative voices come into my head I am able to discount them and focus on success. It is a much better way of living than always believing I can’t do it, I now believe I can. I hope my email yesterday wasn’t out of line.

  8. I’ve never been to a psychic or a medium, but I have those “coincidences” happen to me all the time. I call them cosmic happenings. I once heard them explained as the divine tapping you on the shoulder saying, here I am.

  9. Carol, I had an astrology reading years ago and I really enjoyed what the astrologer had to say. Some things were true and others not so real. I’d love to have my palm read by a psychic. Sounds so interesting.

  10. I am a believer in something known as “Fate”, and I always try to pacify it and knock on wood because I fear if I feel or say something negative, it will manifest. Yes, I’ve had some experiences, like my husband’s critical illness and continued recovery, when I just knew something. Knew it. I knew he was not going to die, even though just about everyone else thought he would. He was as close as it gets. I’m always willing to explore.

  11. I have visited psychics a couple different times in the past few decades. I honestly felt like what they said was so vague that anyone could apply it to their lives and feel it was a profound message specifically for him or her. That said, I would very much so like to visit with a psychic I felt was true and sincere, but mostly, believable.

    • I have had that experience, too, and then others that were very specific. As in who knew my grandfather played the organ in his church in Sicily? No one who is still alive but me and my aunt.

  12. Lana says:

    I agree that the universe speaks to us a lot, but most people don’t listen. I’m trying to be more open to that. Great posts!

  13. Although I’m not interesting in visiting any psychics, I don’t believe in coincidences and I do believe there is more “out” there than we know. I feel my uncle and grandmother with me, sometimes so strongly that I snap my head around because it’s so palpable.

    Four summers ago I was very, very sick. I wouldn’t get dressed or eat. I lost a lot of weight and fell into a deep depression due to many illness and surgeries. My hormones were out of whack. One day I was sitting outside and a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttered right over to me and landed on my arm. It stayed there for a very long time. I felt it was my grandmother. She was a petite and angelic woman, and I know she would be a lovely butterfly. I began to feel better, as if she was saying everything was going to be okay. And soon it was. The power of love and the strength of inner healing, reading the signs, and being open to the world are extraordinary.

    Thanks for listening.

  14. I would like to talk to a psychic one day but afraid that they will give me a weird look and ask me to leave. That would be worse that saying something bad. I had an aunt who gave the evil eye, does that count as a psychic? I don’t rule out anything.

  15. Ruth Curran says:

    I have a dear, dear friend who, as I questioned someone’s religious motives, stopped me dead in my tracks when she said, with all sincerity, “What if they are right?” Odd as it may sound, that question got me to drop a lot of my programming about how things should be because it is just likely that someone else is right…. Food for thought….

  16. Jay Lickus says:


    Interesting topic and you put a very interesting spin on the legitimacy of the “psychic” profession. Like any other calling (Doctor, Physicist, Artist, etc.) how do you know which medium you see was “top of their class” and which one skated by just reading the “Cliff Notes?” With my luck, I would show up at the door of the psychic that got their training from the school on the back cover of a comic book.

  17. Lisa Froman says:

    Carol, I am really looking forward to reading your blog about your experiences at the conference. I love how open you are about this…and I get what you mean about it being nice not having to make excuses or downplay or explain beliefs. I think this world is a fascinating place and my belief system has expanded greatly in the last five years. I love being open to all of the mystical possibilities…

  18. I have had several things happen in my life that can’t be explained by coincidence. In this particular one my niece was very small riding in a carseat, my hubby was driving, I was in the passenger seat. My niece suddenly got sick in the car. Instead of reaching over the seat I got out. While I was cleaning her up this I don’t know feeling came over me. My husband got back in. I strapped my niece back in the carseat. I just turned around and stared up the empty road. I had cold chills so bad I thought my niece and I were coming down with something. I got back in the car as we started to drive off I grabbed my husband’s hand and said we need to turn around. He thought I was crazy but did what I asked. A mile down the road an older lady had fallen asleep driving her car. She ran down an embankment, part of the car in the Ohio River. She was flung forward onto the dashboard. She couldn’t move at all and she was slowly being choked to death by her seatbelt. I know what I felt, I also know that I hadn’t heard a sound. I also know that the way the embankment was that if we hadn’t been driving slow and looking down into that embankment nobody would have seen her car unless maybe a boat had spotted somehow. The lady lived as far as I know but we never saw her again.

  19. I love that quote about faith – it’s so true. And that is amazing about your healer. I agree that there are no coincidences. I am totally intrigued reading your experiences.

  20. Diane says:

    I’ve never had an experience with a medium or psychic. But I believe there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason…

  21. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I think whatever helps bring you joy each and every day is a good thing for you. Every person has diff needs and is unique. I am always open to new things and new ideas and ways to bring love, light and joy into my life.

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