Share your sexual problems with a TV audience

August 23, 2012

Here is a casting call for Baby Boomers that I got the other day:

Chances are if you’re married, your sex life is more “Hope Springs” than it is “Sex in the City.”  In fact, millions of couples over the course of a marriage struggle to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. 
So if this sounds like you, you’re in good company.  The good news? — it doesn’t need to be that way. 
If you’re ready to rediscover the fulfilling sex life you once shared with your husband, we want to hear from you!
A new, national television show wants to help couples like you rekindle their intimacy.  To learn more about this exciting opportunity and how to participate, email a short description of your story to 

I guess I’m too old for the “who’s your baby daddy?” casting call.

Ok, so I can not think of anything more horrific than airing any kind of personal problem on national television. If I had a problem with sex in my marriage I would 1) talk to my husband, and if that failed 2) seek professional help. Under no circumstances would I put myself on national TV to discuss it with millions of Americans.

Nothing good could possibly come of it. Sorry, TV “gurus.”

But I’m sure some folks will respond to the casting call. Some of us seem to need an Andy Warhol 15-minutes of fame and it doesn’t seem to matter how we get it.  The audience for such things seems to be insatiable, too, and where there is audience, advertisers find money. So we’ll continue to see more television spectacles. Hell, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer have made millions from it.

I’m annoyed when I find myself looking at the past with rose-colored glasses, but I’ll do it anyway:

This casting call made me long for the days when TVs looked like this one and the most personal thing we saw broadcast was the very maudlin Queen for a Day.

How about you? Do you ever long for the good old days? Tell us about it….

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