A fix for your shoe obsession

February 24, 2017

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

We women love our shoes. I, for example, have a shoe obsession. Which is why Linda Hobden’s blog caught my attention more than a year ago. Photos of incredible, interesting, gorgeous shoes and boots intrigued me so I had to ask about her obsession with footwear. She claims that she’s more obsessed with boots than with shoes, and that even in summer, open-toed boots call her name more than ballerina flats.

She lives in the village of Tollesbury in England, and she’s turned her obsession into an online business via Amazon. So I had to ask more.


Cute ballerina flats

Were you into shoes as a kid?

Actually, until age 15 I was a real tomboy who wore trainers (sneakers). I did wear a pair of high heeled red wedge sandals when I was 12 for our Queen’s Jubilee Party in 1977 – we had to wear red, blue & white – I wore a white t shirt with red,blue & white cap sleeves, a red pleated skirt, white knee length socks and these red wedges!

Apart from that day, heels were not worn again until 1980 when I discovered boys, make up, fashion & shoes!! My mum and grandmother loved their heels and my dad also was very fashion conscious – he was a teddy boy so was always a snappy dresser – it wasn’t long before I was hooked too!


Cute cowboys. She talks about these below.

Had you worked in the shoe business before your Amazon shop?

No, funnily enough – fashion, hosiery and make up yes, but not shoes!My Amazon shoe store came about after I saw an advert about opportunities to have a store within the Amazon UK umbrella.  (And HERE it is.)

I picked the products that I liked, organised the storefront and that is basically it…. Amazon deals with the sales and delivery side of things. I wanted to share my love of shoes and I do sniff out some good items – my Facebook shoe group initially came about as I wanted to help people find those elusive shoes or just offer advice and share what I’ve found on my travels in the High Street and online.

shoe obsession

Linda, in her cute blue boots.

What shoes are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing my blue boots ( I bought them from http://everything5pounds.com – yes, they cost me just £5). I have just got back from doing some shopping …

shoe-obsessionDo you wear heels?

Yes I do – usually on evenings out (unless I’m at a music concert). Most of the time though I wear flat or low heeled shoes/boots. Before I had children and lived in London I wore heels all the time. I now live in a rural area where the roads are often unpaved and walking in heels to the local pub is impossible ( I usually wear flats then change into heels once there!) Also, doing the school run in heels is difficult, too ,as you can’t walk quickly and elegantly.

Since I’m all about comfort, I had to ask her advice about comfy, but still stylish footwear.

My work shoe is a flat loafer shoe which is trendy, smart looking and very comfortable… Ideal as I’m on my feet all day. My favourite comfortable “going out” shoe is my lace up leopard skin heeled boots which are really, really comfortable to wear and easy to walk in!

My most comfortable sandal is the red denim look sandal. I bought all 3 shoes mentioned from the catalogue company Bon Prix. These shoes are all very moderately priced and well made.

What’s your favorite high-end fashion brand?

I adore my leather cowboy boots made by Jeffery West. These boots are not cheap but are well made, comfortable and I always feel good in them! Jeffery West are known for their classy men’s shoes and in 2015/2016 they started making ladies boots.

shoe-obsessionHow can those of us who love shoes but can no longer wear heels still look fabulous?

If you no longer wear heels but wish to look fashionable I would say that you will be spoilt for choice this year – I love the T-bar flat pointy shoes that are in the stores currently that are like the heeled versions but with a small stack heel. Also check out ballerinas, slip on sneakers, brogues and loafers. This Spring, kitten heels and Victorian curved heel shoes are making a come back.

I want to make sure shoe-lovers know about your blog and the fun interviews you land with top designers.

My blog, Boots Shoes & Fashion, was started in July 2012. It started off being a “traditional” shoe and fashion blog, ie talking about styles, what’s in the shops and online etc. By January 2013 my blog started to include interviews with fashion designers and my friends who just happen to be in that industry. I found that I enjoyed interviewing people and that the feedback was positive that nowadays it is an interview style lifestyle/fashion blog where I profile many inspirational people from around the world as well as doing the odd review and fashion feature too.

Want to hang out online with Linda? Below you’ll find all her info. Check out her online shop, where you can indulge your shoe obsession HERE.


Linda. And that’s one hot pair of boots!


Blog: http://bootsshoesandfashion.com I love her interviews! Always someone with something interesting to say about fashion. And shoes!

Who doesn’t love a shoe-related Pinterest board? Peruse her beauties, here:
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/LindaHobden/

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/bootsshoesandfashion

Facebook Shoe Group: f.bootsshoesandfashion.com

Twitter: t.bootsshoesandfashion.com

Google+ : http://plus.google.com/+LindaHobden

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30 comments on “A fix for your shoe obsession
  1. Divya says:

    I’m definitely not a woman interested in heels, that’s for sure! But I do love me some good boots and shoes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I love these shoes! Sadly, I can’t wear the shoes I really like anymore, but I can still admire them.

  3. Linda Hobden says:

    Thanks for featuring me Carol! ????

  4. I love shoes too!!!I mean seriously all kind of shoes ahah!Even if,busy as I always am,in my everyday life I prefer to wear flats or sneackers!

  5. Diane says:

    Put me in there with my boot fetish! Yummm . . .

  6. Becki Svare says:

    Those are some seriously cute shoes! I really like the cheetah print and the black flats! Working from home, I tend to wear my slippers a lot, but I do love fun shoes when I go out!

  7. JM Castro says:

    Well, stylish boots aren’t really my cup of tea(I’m a man. Lol) But my GF is an absolute fanatic. She mostly likes wedges and boots.

  8. I would probably wear cowboy boots every day if i could. Flip Flops and boots, those are my favorite shoes lol

  9. Amber Myers says:

    These look like great shoes. I personally never really loved shoes–I’ve always loved my books. Or food, if I’m being honest. I basically wear my flip flops or sneakers everywhere.

  10. This was a great interview – I personally appreciated the inclusion of women who like shoes but not heels. I don’t wear heels due to problems with a bone in my left foot, but I still like to dress up a bit now and then, and I LOVE boots with low heels – although I despise any shoe with a pointed toe.

  11. David says:

    That’s cool that you could get an interview with someone you respected who also loved shoes. Great photos to go along with the interview as well.

  12. Chloe says:

    Oh I love all shoes! I haven’t worn heels as often since having a baby that is for sure though 🙁

  13. I am more of a sneakers, flats, and boots kind of girl. I am not a big fan of high heels and/or stilettos. I know some women say they are very comfortable in high heels but I really don’t get it. I can be chic and classy in flats or just 2 inch heels for a formal look.

  14. stacey says:

    You have a very eclectic shoe closet. It almost looks like you play different characters in a movie.

  15. As a guy I love to buy shoes 😀 I work in the fashion industry and I know the obsession very well 😀

  16. Anna nuttall says:

    I love the lacey ballerina flats. You can never have too many shoes. xx

  17. Ellen Dolgen says:

    Love this blog and ALL of the shoes! I am definitely shoe obsessed! I still wear heels. I remember when we had to pry my Mom’s heels from her at the age of 90. That will probably be me. I already told my daughter to definitely do it gently as it will be a sad day for me.

  18. Elizabeth O. says:

    I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed woth shoes but I know how to appreciate them. I want to make sure that I have a pair for every season and every function, especially when I was still working in the office.

  19. Sauumye says:

    I’m a high heels addict. I love them. Can’t live without them.

  20. Great interview! I love the flat pointy-toed shoes she talks about, too!

  21. Denice says:

    I love shoes! I believe in the whole cliche thing that good shoes can take me places, perhaps explains why I am willing to spend more on shoes than bags or any other accessory. Your interview really echoed what I was thinking. Her great pove for shoes took her to amazing places in her life. 🙂

  22. Basim says:

    i don’t think there would be any woman alive in any part of the world who doesn’t like wearing new shoes everyday . love the blue shoes

  23. I can relate to this so much, Carol!!
    Shoes just make my heart go pitter patter!! To me they elevate a normal outfit to something incredibly special!! Would I call it an obsession? Wellllllll

  24. Sapana V says:

    Even, I too love shoes rather than heels. Though I was not a tomboy, I feel more comfortable in shoes.

  25. LILA says:

    I am so fascinated with shoes. I believe there is hardly anyone out there that don’t like to wear shoes or to own a large collection of good shoes

  26. These are some amazing shoe pieces! i love your boots but unfortunately boots don’t look good and love me back

  27. SERICK says:

    I always wear flat shoes because I have got enough height if I had to add I would end up looking like a giraffe

  28. Sarah Lee says:

    absolutely love your designer shoe collection!

  29. Fashionholic says:

    I’m so captivated with shoes. I accept there is not really anybody out there that don’t prefer to wear shoes or to claim a huge assortment of good shoes

  30. Ricardo says:

    I am completely in love with high heels. They have a special place in my heart and I just can’t imagine my life without them. Every pair of high heels I own is like a work of art to me. The elegance and confidence they give me is unmatched. No matter the occasion, wearing high heels always makes me feel powerful and glamorous. The way they lengthen my legs and elevate my posture is just magical. It’s like I’m walking on clouds, with an aura of sophistication and charm. I am truly addicted to high heels and I couldn’t be happier with it. They are my secret to feeling confident and attractive in any situation.

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