Sicilian dogs and cats

October 28, 2014

dog cute3You can only imagine how much I missed my Riley. But Sicily was full of dogs–and cats–that seemed to always find the cutest poses.  This was one of two adorable puppies that turned up at the Gulfi Wine Estate and made themselves at home.

dog gulfi dog cute1The estate workers made them live outside, which broke my heart, especially when they cried and cowered during a thunderstorm.

Some Sicilians have a different kind of relationship with their pets. They seem far less willing to anthropomorphize. That is, treat their pets as if they had human traits. You know, like I treat Riley.

dog poster

But you can still see how important they are.

cat in pot ortygia restaurI saw this our first night, in Ortygia.

cat roman amphiThis feral cat was in the Roman amphitheatre.

cat turnsUnowned cats were everywhere.

cat yellowSome seemed to pose for tourists.

cat yellow2Most looked well-fed. Some were too well fed!

cat palermoThis very well fed cat was in Palermo.

dog palermoThis dog was also in Palermo. I think he belongs to the shop owner as I saw him in the same spot every day.

dog buteraShy dog.

dogg3Cooling off.

doglieToo much pasta.

dog springerKeeping a watchful eye.

street dog ownerA girl and her dog. Ahhh.

25 comments on “Sicilian dogs and cats
  1. Laura says:

    I am really enjoying your photo essays from your trip to Italy. Thanks for taking us along on the trip.

  2. I also remember seeing animals roaming freely around everywhere in Italy. I wanted to bring them all home! I hate to see them outside in inclement weather, and since I was there during the summer I couldn’t imagine how hot they must have been.

    Adorable photos, Carol.

  3. I am like Cathy…I would want to bring them all home. Guess it is good that there is no way for that to happen. Enjoyed the angle of this post!

  4. Carolann says:

    So cute! so many cats around wow. I’ve got to get there someday soon! This is the place oversees my hubby really wants to go!

  5. Diane says:

    What lovely photos. Amazing how many cats and dogs they had walking stray. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Robin Herman says:

    I like how you noticed everything going on – not merely historic buildings and pasta. You noticed Sicilian life.

  7. Roz Warren says:

    This post reminded me of my niece Amy. For years, she traveled the world with her family … but ALL of her vacation snapshots were always of cats and dogs. If you’re looking, apparently, there are cats and dogs everywhere.

  8. I almost feel as if I’ve been there myself. I love all the pictures from your trip. I’m just sorry you had to get sick!

  9. Such cute pet pictures. I’d be trying to fit them all in my purse.

  10. Oh, I want to go to Italy and lounge in doorways. It’s a dog’s life — and that’s fine with me. They sleep more than humans. I’m game.

  11. I love the pic of the sweet fat yellow/white tabby on the stone wall. What a face!!! I’d take him home. Last year in Mexico there was this stray dog hanging around our group. One of my girlfriends legally adopted him (not easy) and flew him home with her to Phoenix! Wow. That’s dedication.

  12. I wondered if other countries spoil their pets as much as we wacky Americans do. These all seem pretty independent… and happily so. Love the “too much pasta” dog. All are precious. I do feel bad for those have to wait out thunderstorms and such. My black lab/shepherd mix would DIE if she had to; she trembles just as storm clouds move in, before any rumbles even occur.

    • Yesterday Riley was being his adorablest self at the vet (he loves going and they adore him) and the vet said, “Oh, he’s so friendly–I’ll bet it’s easy to brush his teeth.” Michael and I looked at each other–we have to MUZZLE him to give him eye drops because he snaps at us. Because we spoil him. Others? Can do anything to him. He is spoiled.

  13. Ruth Curran says:

    Dogs always pull on my heart strings – even ones who have eaten too much pasta!!! (That cracked me up!) I love your perspective and so appreciate your sharing what you saw and how you saw it :)!

  14. I don’t remember seeing all the dogs and cats in Italy, but in Paris and other parts of France, there were dogs everywhere. I’m sure everyone has heard about it, but I was still pretty surprised to see dogs in restaurants. I always miss Tucker when we go on a longish trip, I’m sure Riley was happy to see you when you guys returned!

  15. Dogs plus Italy = my favorite combination! I take pictures of dogs when we’re on vacation, too!

  16. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Awww! Show me a picture of a cat or a dog and I’ll always say awww. As for Sicily, It’s sad that cats live outdoors but happy that they seem well fed. I know our pet loving culture is considered extreme elsewhere!

  17. Donna Hanton says:

    Carol, I love these photos. My husband noticed the same thing on Crete. I swear half the pictures he took were of the dogs and cats he met around town! No, I don’t think other countries spoil their pets quite the way we do!

  18. michelle says:


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