Sister wives? How about "brother husbands?"

April 15, 2011

One does not truly love a person yet seek to enslave him
by law or by bonds of dependency or possessiveness.
-Harry Overstreet, the Mature Mind

I’m still a fan of Sister Wives, the TV show about Mormon fundamentalists who practice polygamy. I’m beginning to see how the sister-wives benefit from this arrangement: live-in child care, best friends in the same household, several women sharing the chore load.
Ok, makes some sense to me. It does.

Let’s turn to the husband, who says, on-screen, that he believes
“love should be multiplied not divided.”

I can’t help but wonder how he’d feel
if his sister wives wanted
another husband?

Would he still believe love should be multiplied,
not divided?

Or does that only count for wives?

Ah, the paradox of polygamy.

2 comments on “Sister wives? How about "brother husbands?"
  1. Tracypie says:

    Yes! Equal opportunity for all!

  2. So that begs the question, would would the benefit be?

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