Some truths about Sister Wives

February 27, 2024

polygamyIt seemed inevitable that the polygamous family could not survive reality. Or reality TV.

The show, Sister Wives, first aired in 2010 and today, the family structure has finally disintegrated. And it did so slowly, over the years, right in front of our eyes. That is, if you watch the show.

I watched because the family structure was foreign — I wanted to learn more about why women would choose this lifestyle. And it’s been interesting to watch the women change over all these years. Or rather, grow. In the process, they’ve shown us all the the flaws in the polygamous way and all the reasons why it can fail.

It was surely not what Kody and his wives intended when they signed on to the show.  Those unintended consequences are sneaky, aren’t they?

And even Kody can’t escape the truth, because, it turns out, he fell in monogamous love with his fourth wife, Robin. After that, none of the other wives would do. He rejected them, one by one, then found reasons to create a schism with his many children.

Now, the women have all escaped him, except for Robin. Safe in her monogamous relationship with Kody, she wails and gnashes her teeth, grieving the loss of the sister wives that she said she always wanted. She cries as if her heart were breaking.

Except there are no tears. Not. A. Single. Tear.


So, some truths and questions:

When you become a “reality star” you can develop some real ego and arrogance, especially if you are the ‘man of the house.’ The titular “king of the castle.”

If you’re a jackass, it won’t stay hidden forever. Yeah, talkin’ to you, Kody. I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed him making an ass of himself on national TV. The camera doesn’t lie.

Empowered women are things of beauty. It took them a while, but finally, all three sister wives liberated themselves and that has been so much fun to see.

If she doesn’t shed a single tear, is Robin really crying?

7 comments on “Some truths about Sister Wives
  1. Laurie Stone says:

    Watched once and couldn’t take it. All somehow wrapped around religion. The only thing being worshiped is the male ego (and maybe something else).

  2. Alana says:

    I majored in cultural anthropology in college so I should have been the first one on line to see this show. I never have watched it-I questioned how “authentic” it would be. However, I discovered (last year, in time for season 7) Return to Amish. I love it that some cast members have been asking for more money for the 2024 season 8, which may or may not happen. As for the show itself, perhaps some of the plot lines were manufactured but I suspect there are also true moments. As manufactured as parts of these two shows may be, they have changed the lives of their participants for better or worse.

  3. Unfortunately shows like this go for the drama and not the heart of this lifestyle. I’m not polyamorous but I have friends who are and have learned a lot about polyamory. One of the most important pillars of a true polyamorous community is integrity and honest, proactive communication. It shows when people enter the community for the wrong reasons.

    • Well, polyamory and polygamy are two very different things. Quite different. Polygamy is illegal, for one, and requires “marriage”. Polyamory is hard to pull off, but a few rare couples (in the greater scheme) have managed to.

  4. I haven’t watched it but remember driving through a town in Colorado near the Utah border that was a bastion for polygamy.

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