Sit Saturday ~ a bed of her own

October 24, 2009

No, this isn’t Tinker. She hasn’t sit still long enough for me to get a shot like this.

She’s been cramming her old, sore, crippled bones and joints into Riley’s small beds.

She is 42 lbs.

Riley is 8 lbs. His bed is small.

We priced out orthopedic beds at Petco and Petsmart. In her size, they are in the $60 range.

But I am an avid reader of Jeffers Pets catalog and found just about the same bed for $20.

It arrived last night. Tinker has a bed of her own.

Speaking of Tinker, she is well into her natural remedy regimen. She used to walk around looking confused, and pace anxiously. That’s stopped and we attribute it to melatonin.

She also seems much more spry, and M. saw her chase a squirrel the other day, something she hasn’t done for many years. We have no idea what to attribute it to, because she’s taking flaxseed oil for something entirely different. But perhaps it’s oiled her old bones.

And while I can’t say the pheromone-diffuser is doing much for ME, there seems to be a bit more calm in the household. Sometimes. Could just be coincidence but M. thinks not.

M. thinks Riley’s been berserk because roofers and carpenters have been hammering all week. He’s probably right.

We are leaving for Miami this morning, just overnight. A party. Riley is at his kennel but all the others will stay home. A new pet sitting company will come over several times a day.

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