Sit! Saturday – an update

November 21, 2009

It’s been such an eventful week that I haven’t had a moment to take photos. So here is the scoop:

M. was gone for 5 days and I had all the pets to myself.

So let’s see: Tinker picked a huge fight with Puddin’ one evening. I ran out to the dining room and yelled till they separated. The following day, Tinker went on Xanax.

But before she did, she picked a fight with Gigi, the cat. Gi likes to play with one of Riley’s rubber balls. Tinker decided to attack her so SHE could get the ball. Gi took off but not before there was a bit of a scuffle.

We are trying the half Xanax pill and the whole pill. Unfortunately, M. gave the full pill at night. We CAN say that Tinker slept like a baby. But that’s not usually her “pick-a-fight” time.

On Thursday, Little He had a tooth extraction and a fairly large benign growth removed from his foot. He was loopy that night, so loopy that when he jumped up on the sofa, he missed….but is fine now.

Puddin’ has decided that she does not like one of our friends taking Riley into another room to play. She is very protective of Riley and was on the total alert, growling and staring at the door until Riley came out. I can see why the chow was so good at protecting Chinese emperors.Pud is very definitely our most protective dog.

Fortunately Pud loves me and both smiles and wags her tail when she sees me.

Nonetheless, I was NOT inserting myself between her and Tinker during their fight.

Riley can not believe how much more interesting life has gotten since his step-siblings have arrived. I can see it in his face. All sorts of new things are happening and every day is like a being in a doggy movie.

-He’s developed a taste for their kibble. He wouldn’t TOUCH kibble before, but now? “Kibbly bits” are on his favorites list.

-He’s developed a taste for Publix-brand biscuits. He wouldn’t TOUCH a Milkbone-type biscuit in the past. But since the others enjoy them, he does, too.

-He avidly watches the big dogs on the patio. From the safety of the living room, of course.

-He spends the first part of every morning going over the paths Gigi has walked the night before. Fee, fie, fum….

-He’s developed a love for Netflix red envelopes. That’s because we walk out to the mailbox together to send them off. Same with watering the plant out front: it’s an activity we do together.

-Not so fun–in the middle of the night, when he awakens, sense the cat is downstairs and barks his ass off.

Our thoughts have now turned how to get the pets to California. We plan to drive Riley and Puddin’, since they are easy and good together. Besides, I can not picture a motel room with both Riley and GiGi. No, I can’t.

Our Tampa pet sitting couple is intrigued by the idea of driving the other two dogs and kitty for us. It is certainly a plus that we know them and their capabilities. Plus the husband is a former cop, so if anything happened, he’d know how to access critical services in any town.

We have initiated the discussion and will compare services and rates to other options.

So that’s our Sit Saturday.

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