Sit Saturday: Fee, Fie, Fo Fum…

September 12, 2009

“I smell the blood of a little calico tabby cat–where IS she?”

This is a problem. Truly. Riley’s first cat and he thinks she’s a squirrel. He wants to bark loudly at her and give chase. Poor little Gigi has only known loving dogs.

This is a definitely a problem. I really was looking forward to having a cat again, but right now, for her protection and peace in the household, Gigi is isolated upstairs. At night, when Riley sleeps behind our closed door with us, she comes down and sleeps with her dogs. Then M. gets up in the morning, gets her back to her room and Riley comes out.

Or I come out and have a few minutes with her. But right now, she is suspicious of me. Because I have that dog’s scent all over me.

Riley’s like a bloodhound. He KNOWS the cat’s been downstairs and immediately goes to her chair and sniffs it. Then he tracks her scent to the stairway. Bark! Bark! Bark!

WHY can’t he focus that talent on something positive? Like finding missing children?

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