Sit Saturday – feeling safe

September 5, 2009

When Riley was a puppy, I had the dog equivalent of a baby Snugli for him. It was like a backpack, only the pouch was in front. I’d put his little self in every morning so he could “help” me make coffee and prepare his breakfast.

At less than three pounds, he was easy to carry –and completely dwarfed by the carrier. Still, he loved it. He’d peer over the top and watch everything I did. Oh, those were the days!

As he grew older, he was less interested in the carrier, and it got stored on a shelf, forgotten. But when I got it out the other day, he was completely excited to get in. I carried him around for a while. But he’s nearly 9 pounds and frankly, he got heavy! And in the way.

He did NOT want to exit his little nest. I could tell he felt completely safe in it.

This is our last Sit! Saturday without our other dogs. Oh, I love this little dog so much and I’m a little afraid that the wonderful relationship we have will change when there are other dogs.

Maybe I’m afraid I’ll be even a little…jealous.

Oh I know, I’m a freak. Really. I can’t help it. He’s precious and adorable and funny. I can’t imagine life without him in it to make me laugh. All the time.

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