Sit Saturday: friendship

August 22, 2009

The other day I was on the phone with my fabulous husband, who was back in Coral Gables.

His chow-chow, Puddin’, was sitting with him. Riley was with me, and started to bark.

Now, Riley has a piercing bark. Like most small dogs. A demanding bark.

A bark so loud that Puddin’ heard it all the way in Coral Gables, over the phone lines.

Puddin’ looked around, and when he couldn’t find Riley, she began to whine.

She misses her friend. And Riley misses his new friend.

Soon. The move from S. Florida will be scheduled after M. has some additional tests on Monday and we know the next steps, if any.

Speaking of friendship, my little dog has been firmly attached to my hip since I got back from my week helping M. get diagnosed and convalesce. He’s not usually like that. Especially when there’s a cool playmate like M around for the weekend. Like now.

I think he missed his mom.

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