Sit Saturday ~ imitation

December 13, 2009

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and watching our dogs, I can see that it’s true.

Riley and Puddin’ are an unlikely pair, for sure. But pair they are, with Puddin’ taking the motherly role and Riley taking his cues from her.

Puddin’ sprawls comfortably on the floor when she rests, and Riley has begun to assume the same position about a foot away. Very cute.

Puddin’ is a very gentle dog, but she brooks no interference with her meals or treats. (Unless it’s Riley, who can eat from her bowl with impunity.)

Puddin’ usually takes a treat, drops it front of her, lies down and growls while she contemplates it.

The other day, Riley took his treat and growled at it, too.

The two of them are way too cute together.

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