Sit Saturdays

August 1, 2009

While I love posting about Riley’s antics, my pet family is expanding. We’ll have many, many stories, I’m certain, as the family blends. It could take over the blog.

Look for Sit! Saturdays — a weekly post on Saturdays about our pet family antics.

The cast of characters:

Leader of the Band: Riley, a two-year old, nine-pound maltipoo and the brains behind the operation. Picture him sitting behind the desk in a fedora, plotting. That says it all.

Puddin’: a six-year old, 42 lb. black/mahogany chow-chow, Riley’s consort, who tends to simper in his presence. Where he goes, she goes. Or she won’t go. And when a chow won’t go, well, you don’t go.

Little He: a 10-year old black and gold hound, who spends most of his time lounging on a sofa, eating dog bon-bons, and who MIGHT lift his head briefly if you call his name. If he feels like it. But when he hears good, old-time rock and roll, he jumps up and dances.

Tinker: Sweet, gentle Grandmere, at age 14, Tinker, the black and gold terrier, has earned her rest, which she usually takes near Little He and Puddin’. Bookends and a rug.

Rufus: A big ole orange tom with a strong sense of self; neutering hasn’t stopped his nightly wanderings, but I hope to. He’s a good big brother to

Gigi: the baby of the family: a spoiled, vocal two-year-old calico cat, Gigi thinks all dogs are her pals. Wait til she meets Riley.
That’s the family. Stay tuned….

2 comments on “Sit Saturdays
  1. TJ says:

    Looking forward to all of the pictures. I have to admit that it will be hard not to have Riley as my favorite. Reading all about him really makes me feel as though he lives next door.

  2. Thanks, TJ. Riley is definitely a fan favorite, but each of the other pets has their own charm and I’m sure there will be no end to stories.

    Fact is, I’ve only met Puddin’ so far…I won’t meet the others until they all arrive to live here! But FH (fabulous husband) tells me all about them and their antics, so I feel like i know them.

    Riley is Puddin’s boss. In case you wondered.

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