Sit with it: adapting to change

April 10, 2011
a Art by Katie Daisy

A very astute reader posted a comment on last week’s post bemoaning bookstore closings and fearing for literary development. He had some good advice:

Humanity as we knew it has changed and will continue to change.
However, I have resolved that to bemoan the demise of the world as we knew is not adaptive. There is an analog to middle age; we must be patient and allow the awkwardness to subside. Books, music and professionalism will survive the attack of the digits;
we simply need to remain in awe of the continued evolution.

“Allow the awkwardness to subside.”
He’s right. Unfamiliarity does feel awkward
and not just in this arena.
When we start something new there’s always
that period of discomfort as we develop
new habits and patterns of behavior
and take awkward first steps.

“Be patient.”
This is sit with it awhile advice.
We never go wrong just sitting with something,
letting it be, and seeing what develops for us.

“Remain in awe of the continued evolution.”
This makes me think also of our own personal evolution.
“Awe” is a great word.

Thank you Richard, for some good reminders.

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