Six reasons to avoid camping

June 7, 2012

Oh, I totally get the nature part of it, I do. Love nature. And we’re looking at going to Africa to commune with nature in the next year or two.  But we won’t be camping. We’ll be in a very nice eco-resort.  And every summer, my father took us camping at Letchworth State Park in upstate New York.*see footnote

Why don’t I camp?

1. It’s hard work. I can’t understand why people want to carry a heavy load of tents, poles, equipment and luggage on their backs and then set it all up. Too. Much. Work.

2. It’s uncomfortable. I’ll never be convinced that a sleeping bag and air mattress are comfortable. Never.  Don’t even try. So why would I want to suffer?

3. I never feel clean.  All that dirt! Plus bathing in rivers and lakes or at best, in groaty communal showers? Not for me. Give me my nice shower, thick towels, scented body wash, Moroccan oil shampoo, hair dryer and clean, fresh clothes that stay clean.

4. Bugs. Read up on Lyme disease. Then, let’s talk.

  1. No toilets. And leaves are NOT a good substitute for toilet paper. Not that I would know from experience. And I never WANT to know.

    6. Did I mention bears?  No? I’ll mention them now. BEARS.

    Someone once told me that camping was like being homeless for a week, and I can’t say that I disagree. I like my creature comforts.

    What do you think?

    *My mother, who was always the brains of the family, stayed home.  She firmly believed that lying on the couch smoking cigarettes and watching TV was way more fun. You can tell whose genetic code I got.

4 comments on “Six reasons to avoid camping
  1. Sara Brady says:

    As always…you are so very wise.

  2. An Authentic Life says:

    This cracked me up (as I too, feel the same way.) Yeah, we used to camp, now we prefer something called a Hotel!!

  3. An Authentic Life says:

    This cracked me up!
    I couldn’t agree more (although we used to camp, first in a tent, then a motorhome. Now, we prefer a hotel!)

  4. As my husband says, camping flies in the face of two thousand years of civilization and I agree!

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