Sleep, perchance….

October 3, 2009

If you completely conk out at 6:30pm, is it any wonder you find yourself wide awake at 2:30 a.m., having had your full complement of sleep for the night?

Riley and M. are crashed on the bed, having dozed off later than I. Riley made an effort to get up, but looked at the clock and gave me a look that clearly said, “What, are you kidding me?” And went back to bed in my warm spot. Puddin’ is crashed on the dining room rug, occasionally letting out a great snore or two.

Yesterday, I heard her deep, intimidating bark a few times. What happens is this: Riley, being excitable, hears something, and sounds the alarm with his sharp, shrill barks. Puddin’, now alerted, comes over and takes over with a baritone WOOF! or two or three. It’s better than any burglar alarm.

Anyway, here I am, on the living room sofa, having some Peets brewed coffee with cream at 3 a.m. In the Diva mug one of my friends gave me. (Twiddling thumbs)

Besides the dog trainer at 10a.m., I have to run to the store for a few things I didn’t get yesterday. And I also have some prep for Monday classes. Chores. Back to the real world. Gosh, it’s hard.
I’m grateful we have 3 full days to recover and transition back to the real world, rather than running back to work–a luxury.

Next trips up: Thanksgiving with friends in Colorado. Maybe a weekend in NYC for Xmas lights, if I can bear to leave Riley. And in June, Ireland/Scotland. And Oct, back to Baur B&B. That’s the plan.

Well, I’m on Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy, watching instantly on Netflix. Which wouldn’t come up in Italy. Kind of interesting. Not offered, even though my account is in US. I guess I’ll go back to Meredith’s ill-fated relationship.

Which is getting a bit old. More later on Sit! Saturday.

One comment on “Sleep, perchance….
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    well, 2.30 there is 8.30 here!

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