Sleep is a waste of time

November 7, 2016

sleepYep. That’s what I believe. Sleep is a ginormous waste of time.

Oh, I’m not against a great nap or two. But the whole night?


Not when there are books to be read. Homework to be done. Dogs to be played with. And writing. Movies and great TV shows to watch. Not to mention cooking!

There’s way too much to do to spend the entire night asleep.

Which is why I’m telling you my deep dark secret: I resist going to sleep. I just don’t want to.

Oh, I know it’s good for us. It’s rejuvenating. Sleep helps us stay mentally and physically healthy.  We’re supposed to luxuriate in it. Yeah, like those gorgeous pillows.

But it’s just such a waste of time!

Here’s the thing. I like the morning rituals. A hot cup of coffee. Sitting at the computer reading and writing.  Cracking open a book. Watching the sun come up.  I LOVE morning!

But sleep? Not so much.

Your thoughts?

58 comments on “Sleep is a waste of time
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    AH! I am TOTALLY a morning girl. I go to bed at 10pm and can’t wait to get up–usually wake at 5am, make coffee and go right to the computer to write ( in bed, of course.) The only things that keep me sleeping are too much food at night ( dinner party, being piggy or a holiday meal) and /or too much sugar ( see above reasons), so I try to avoid all that. Mornings are where the silence lies and in the silence, I find all kinds of inner treasures.

  2. renee says:

    I used to stay up late and got up early for work. I was a night person. After I retired last year, I now get up early and go to bed early. I read for about an hour before I fall asleep every night now. But I find no reason to stay up late anymore. Maybe its due to late night tv not being very good these days…

  3. Karla kuhnley says:

    Oh Carol, get an autoimmune disease or go on Prednisone and you’d NEVER say those words again. Sleep, oh elusive, sleep, I’d kill to have you again. I am exhausted ALL of the time but can’t sleep through a night, even with Rx drugs. Celebrate your ability to sleep, I sit (not lie down) in envy. 🙂

  4. I do love a comfy bed and a decent night’s sleep, and I’ll never be the morning lark….but you’re right about there being so much to do and it feeling like its a shame to go to bed and lose all that blogging, reading, coffee drinking time.

  5. I love to sleep. My husband and I burrow under the covers together like to bears, safe and sound, and it’s the most wonderful feeling. While I wish I was one of those people who could function well on a few hours of shut-eye, I’m not. So I sleep – and dream.

  6. Toni McCloe says:

    I have to agree that spending eight hours a day sleeping seems like a complete waste of time, but I love having dreams and I need them for healing and I, for one, would absolutely refuse to give them up.

  7. Daniel says:

    Oh My, that wonderful place between worlds-“where everybody knows your name”. That’s where I get most of my work done.There is no linear time there, no deadlines,no lack of motivation, no lack of ideas. Our time here is fleeting and full of what’s next anxiety-“sleep” or lack of “sleep” still has the promise of things to come:)

  8. I love the early mornings, but I also love me a good night’s sleep–which has become more elusive as I’ve gotten older. Still trying to find a way to enjoy both–without medication!

  9. Diane says:

    Definitely a morning girl here. But I love the solitude of doing ‘my things’ after everyone else in the house has gone to Lullaby Land.

  10. Michelle says:

    I have to give this to my husband to read. Y’all are cut from the same cloth. haha.

  11. I’m happy if I sleep through the night! It’s frustrating when that doesn’t happen.

  12. Rena says:

    I’m the same way, but I prefer the night time. I stay awake sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning because I just don’t want to go to sleep. There’s just to much I want to get finished and it’s the only time of the day when I am truly alone! I’ll sleep when I die.

  13. Candy says:

    I don’t sleep as much as I use to and love mornings. Still like my sleep

  14. I am a morning person….No, I don’t mean that kind of morning person! For that, I am a night person – or an afternoon delight….but I digress………..I love my morning ritual. I do need my sleep! I get probably 9 hours a night!

  15. I love to sleep, and I require a minimum of 9 hours to be at my best. Since Randy’s transplant, he sleeps 10-12 hours a day. Our bodies let us know when we haven’t had enough.

  16. Donna says:

    I love to sleep…I understand your reticence to stop and go there, but if I dont I start making mistakes, I am grumpy, I am sour and bags begin to form. I must sleep…however I love mornings, with the promise of the whole day ahead

  17. Nina says:

    Oh man, I love sleep! But I’m also a night person, I could stay up all night long. haha

  18. Barbara says:

    I love a good nights sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep I am really grumpy.

  19. Gessell says:

    I used to feel the same way. And then I had a baby. I miss sleep! HaHa

  20. As a sleep-deprived new mom all I think about is sleep and how tired I am. I love being productive but it’s hard to use any energy to clean house or something like that when sleep is an option.

  21. heidi says:

    I would like to be about sleep but don’t do very much of it. I agree with you that there are so many more interesting things to do for sure.Though laying in bed and napping are great hobbies.

  22. angie says:

    full night sleep lets see what exactly is that. I love to get sleep but most time it is either interrupted or short lived. I am in the medical field and have grand-babies so we never know exactly how things will work
    come over and visit us when you get a chance

  23. Amber Myers says:

    It does seem like a waste, but if I don’t get 8 hours, I’m really cranky in the morning. So it’s best for everyone that I get proper sleep.

  24. sue says:

    Sleep usually eludes me Carol as my mind just refuses to stop so sometimes I would just love to have a full night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed. However, on the other hand there is always so much to enjoy and do in a day. It would be great to be able to exist on a couple of power naps.

  25. I fall into bed exhausted and then lay there awake. I end up either watching TV, reading or working. It makes a huge difference if I get outside for a walk during the day.It does feel like wasted time but sometimes it feels so good too.

  26. Not a morning person at all. I love sleep. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

  27. If you don’t mind me asking, do you feel like you suffer in different ways – perhaps mentally, emotionally, even physically – when you don’t get enough sleep?

  28. Haralee says:

    I love my sleep and I need my sleep. If I don’t get enough I get a migraine. I can go on 7 hours but not daily. I like 8.5 hours! I do like mornings in the summer when daylight is up early. In the winter mornings can start at 7:30 when it is light outside.

  29. Nancy L. says:

    I give you a lot of credit to get by on little sleep. I need at least 7 hours per night or I have a headache.

  30. Jenni Petrey says:

    My 4yo ASD son would agree with you, me on the other hand, I need my sleep to keep up with him! He can average 4 to 5 hours sleep a night and he is bouncing around!

  31. OMG, that’s me! I am such a diehard! My eyes will be closing while I’m sitting up before I make myself go to bed. And then, naturally, I suffer the next day from sleep deprivation. That never used to be the case. I didn’t need as much sleep. But now I do, and I still haven’t been able to switch my natural clock to going to bed early and rising early. I don’t want to miss out on anything, and I’m a rebel. What can I say?

  32. Nathalie Porbes says:

    Yes! I agree on your opinion and your belief! I don’t want to sleep neither so I envy the person who dont sleep for years and he is still alive huhu I can feel you, You want to do things more much than an ordinary person do, At night I usually wanted to do more things like Cleaning the rooms, read the books! Think about for tomorrow morning’s plan and I love to write also! I thought I’m just the only one who’s like this! Thanks for finding you! Hope to be in touch with you! 🙂

  33. Kelly Reci says:

    I’m an early bird and love mornings too. But still too much makes my headache!

  34. Aziel Morte says:

    I really find sleep a waste of time too! It’s like you lose how many hours of activities you can do! So i must say I agree on you

  35. DogVills says:

    We’re the same perspective. Sleeping can be a waste of time if you’re too sleepy and have a lot of things need to done.

  36. On days that I need to pull an all-nighter for work-related stuff, I would often say that ‘sleep is for the week’. But right now, I am dire need of zzz’s!

  37. I’m a morning person and I need my 8-9 hrs. Otherwise, I’ll have headache.I love to nap sometimes to have complete rest.

  38. Valerie says:

    I’ve had chemical pneumonia for a month and I’ve needed more sleep but haven’t gotten it.

  39. Michelle says:

    Haha. I enjoyed reading this. You can have great times at night for sure. I just happen to be completely useless the next day if I don’t get a full nights sleep.

  40. Shiri says:

    I can’t say I’ve been a morning person most of my life. I did enjoy sleeping in as late as possible and let me tell you, I never wanted to get up. Lately, mostly due to my boyfriend’s job, I’ve been waking up and seeing the sunrise almost everyday and I love it so much. Waking up early has made me appreciate the small things that I missed because of sleeping late.

  41. Laura says:

    I don’t agree here. I love sleep! I am NO GOOD without it!!l

  42. Liz A says:

    There was a time that I refuse to sleep myself for the fear of missing out. I am a night owl though (since I had been working the nightshift for the longest time). Though right now, I am sleep deprived. I would love to sleep for one whole day just to be refreshed.

  43. Nicky says:

    As an insomniac I welcome any kind of sleep I can get!

  44. ohmummymia says:

    Now when I have little baby at home I dream about sleeping whole night????

  45. I’m suffering from pretty bad sleep deprivation (thanks to two babies) so I want/need/love/wish for more sleep!!!!

  46. I am such a morning person as well and wish I knew how to keep going on less sleep. I don’t get 8 hours, maybe 6 and I agree with you. 🙂

  47. Rosey says:

    sleep sucks up so much time that I need. Like right now, I have a ton to do, and I’m fading fast, I can feel it, lol.

  48. Elizabeth O. says:

    Honestly, a lot can be accomplished in 8 hours, but our body decides that it would rather sleep. Lol. I like sleep because it allows my body to unwind but it also takes so much of my time.

  49. jill conyers says:

    I totally agree. I’ve said more than once that I wish I didn’t have to sleep. There are so many other things I’d rather be doing.

  50. Bill S says:

    Sleep can be time-consuming but oh i love how refreshing it is. I know there are nights I can’t make my brain stop to I can fall asleep.

  51. Ellie says:

    I have to say that, having had so much trouble getting enough sleep and suffering from stress and anxiety, I cannot say enough how important sleep is. Without it, our bodies shut down and our minds can’t function properly.

  52. Cori says:

    Your post made my day! I’m in complete agreement. Sleep is a complete waste of time. There are books to read, projects to knit, YouTube videos to watch, and all the THINGS that NEED to be done!

  53. BISmah says:

    I am almost always resisting sleep. As a mom of two busy toddlers I take whatever time I get while they are asleep to catch up on things. Of course I eventually fall asleep on a book, mobile, or thoughts.

  54. TColeman says:

    Honestly the more sleep that I get at night, the less likely I am to be worth anything the next day. It’s a weird conundrum since I love sleep.

  55. i look forward to sleeping, if i don’t get enough i am a zombie and a miserable person.

  56. Mandi says:

    Sleep is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. I thinks we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one!

  57. Margaretha says:

    I am 100% with you on this one. I sleep as little as I can get away with.

  58. Janice Wald says:

    Thank you for coming to the Blogger’s Pit Stop!

    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

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