Smiling from the inside out

February 16, 2013

I love it when someone says
or does
that tickles me
that is so “them”
so representative of who they are
and what I love about them

I’m overcome with appreciation

My lips start to curve up
my eyes crinkle a bit
and the smile just appears
from the inside out

and then maybe a little laugh
not a big belly laugh
but that little laugh of appreciation
for the resonance of the moment

I live for those moments.

{disclaimer: this is not a poem.}

10 comments on “Smiling from the inside out
  1. I love those moments as well. Sometimes just thinking about certain people will give me this little internal happiness.

  2. A beautiful sentiment, and I love those surprise moments.

  3. Yes, I find this concept the most in my children and my neices and nephews!

  4. Bonnie says:

    I know those moments too! Sometimes they’re private, a wonderful reminder of a moment lost in time. And sometimes they simply must be shared, because, if not, they may be lost forever.

  5. Rajean says:

    I love the line ‘my lips start to curve up.’ That should happen many times a day.

  6. Doctor Don says:

    Such moments are so wonderful, and with life’s greater experience so much more appreciated — Dr. Don

  7. Isn’t this just what we need every day! Lovely thoughts.

  8. Elle says:

    It may not be a poem but it sure is poetical. And it says what I feel too.

    Those moments are partly why I’m married…my hubby provides a lot of those moments.

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