Scrumptious snack-hacks 60 calories or less

March 2, 2016

low-calorie-snack-hacksSometimes, you’ve just got to have a snack. But you want something healthy, but also satisfying. Maybe you’ve got a sweet tooth, or maybe it’s the crunch you want.  This post has something for everyone.

These low-calorie snack hacks are about 60 calories or less.

Cup of strawberries or melon–perfect for a sweet tooth.

1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon, it’s good for blood pressure!

Half a can of water packed tuna and some avocado, which is a good fat.

Skinny Cow variety of cheeses. I don’t care for these, but many dieters swear by them.

Skinny popcorn can be a good choice.

Kale chips-make your own, recipe here, about  80 calories a cup, if that.

Cucumber slices with hummus. I’m lucky enough to have a Palestinian neighbor who keeps us stocked in his delicious hummus, but we’ve bought hummus, too.

A cup of unsweetened applesauce, you add the cinnamon. Applesauce is good for digestion; even our dog, Riley, gets a spoonful or two a day. Without the cinnamon. Me? I add cinnamon to lots of stuff, including cereal and yogurt.

A cup of cherries, half a small apple or a small orange or peach.

A 35 calorie rice cake, spread with a little bit of peanut butter and very thinly sliced bananas. A small banana is 90 calories, I slice less than a quarter of a banana for this.

3 big kosher dill pickles make a savory snack.

Here’s a great link to unexpected snack hacks if you have 100 calories to spare.

If you’ve got a low-calorie snack hack, I’d love it if you’d share in the Comments section. Thank you!


26 comments on “Scrumptious snack-hacks 60 calories or less
  1. These are all great, Carol. I also grab a handful of nuts or just baby carrots when on the go. I’m trying very hard to stay a ‘clean eater’. The only bar I’ve found like that are Lara Bars which just have good stuff and no,nothing else in them. Always love suggestions for snacks!

  2. That’s helpful. A pinch of cinnamon adds lot of flavour, and it has medicinal properties too. Even I use it a lot! 🙂

  3. Laurie Oien says:

    Every day I have a mid morning snack routine. If I miss my snack…I’m grumpy! All great ideas. In fact, I have a Laughing Cow wedge today with multi-grain crackers. Btw I’m HUGE pickle fan!!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    These are all good. I try to grab a handful of grapes when I crave something sweet. I also sometimes eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

  5. Faye says:

    These are all great! Sometimes I go for the processed foods because they are “easy” but these are just as simple!

  6. Yum. I love and need this, Carol. Yesterday I went shopping at Trader Joe’s and bought a bag of kale chips. Of course I ate the whole bag in the car. Naughty. Shhh, don’t tell my husband.

  7. Anna Palmer says:

    Kale chips are my favorite. But I can never get any before my kids finish them. Which is a good thing until I eat chips instead. Or something more grammatically correct than that comment.

  8. Almonds….I also love apples and peanut butter. Apples satisfy the sweet, peanut butter gives you protein!

  9. Nancy Hill says:

    Great suggestions. I’m incorporating more heathy snacks into my diet so this is a fortuitous read for me!

  10. Ankita says:

    I can almost taste the yummy flavors in my mouth! If only, I had the patience to cook 🙁

  11. andrea says:

    i have a huge weakness for cottage cheese – especially when it’s mixed with fruit – it’s SO good!

  12. These are fabulous ideas. I will snack on plain cucumbers or put a little sea salt on them and I love radishes.
    My biggest problem is my insatiable sweet tooth.

  13. Jacqui Odell says:

    I need to try the cucumber snacks. I was told to get more veggie in me, but it’s hard.

  14. Kimberly says:

    Cucumbers and hummus is one of my favorite go to nibbles. So tasty and the crunch of the cucs is satifying! Thanks for all the additional snacking tips!

  15. Mmm… I never thought of cucumber slices with hummus. Great idea. Thank you! (Pickles are super for someone with a salt tooth, not sweet tooth… which is me.)

  16. Okay, this is a great list. My snacks of choice usually have a calorie count with another zero on them.

  17. paula schuck says:

    Well I had no idea that cottage cheese with cinnamon was actually good for your blood pressure. I need some of that together. Is it the cinnamon or the cottage cheese? I have been working on my BP for months.

  18. Great treats. I need to stock up on some healthy treats.

  19. Carolann says:

    I like to take an orange slice it up and sprinkle some Truvia on top. Yummy and satisfies my sugar cravings. All good tips Carol. I like getting ideas because at times I’m too lazy to be creative. 🙂

  20. Now that I am trying to diet, it is best that I change my snacks to healthier ones and these are good suggestions. Thanks.

  21. anks says:

    These are good options. We forget fruit as a snack option but it is such a good idea… I use sliced cucumbers with yoghurt too!

  22. tp keane says:

    Fantastic idea, love the rice cake one with the peanut butter.

  23. Alana says:

    I’ve also used cheese sticks. These generally run about 80 calories, which is above your 60 limit, but the protein makes them filling. Another thing I will do is eat 1/2 a container of Chobani fat free Greek yogurt – which would run about 60 calories. I’m also quite fond of Trader Joes coconut cream Greek yogurt, 1/2 container of which is also about 60 calories. I will add some blueberries to the yogurts which, in the Weight Watchers program, is point free.

  24. Strawberries, apple sauce and popcorn are some of my favorites! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays! See you again tomorrow!

  25. Klauss says:

    Very intresting. Some things to know for the first time:)

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