Why rush to judgment when you could take a social media fast, instead

November 30, 2022

social-media-fastBack in August I saw a social media post in which someone said something like:

Alex is no Rachel Maddow. She is not as good. She was a bad choice at MSNBC. I don’t like when people read from teleprompters.

Alex had been in her new post for four days.


Can we say rush to judgment?


Sigh again. When did we become so unyieldingly demanding?

Well, let’s discuss.

First, hate to burst the poster’s balloon, but every newscaster or host reads from a teleprompter. Did she really think they are so perfectly articulate off the top of their heads?  Everyone reads from a script they or their staff prepared. Yes, even Rachel.  Rachel has said she used to spend the entire day preparing. Including her “remarks.” Every day. Sure, they can riff, but how do you think they stay on time?

That hard work was something Rachel needed to limit, for her own sanity. And God knows, she deserves a rest.  She wanted to do something different, too. A few things different. So she cut a sweet deal with her network.

All things must change

Rachel does her MSNBC thing weekly, now, instead of five days a week. Alex is not replacing Rachel. She was simply given that time slot. There IS no replacement for Rachel.

Alex was not meant to be a duplicate of Rachel and her show was not meant to be the same. Alex’s show is different. They share a staff but have a different orientation to covering events of the day.

Different does not mean not-as-good. It is a chance to experience a new angle, a fresh look, something new.  Yes, yes, so many of us love Rachel and tune in every Monday night. There is only ONE Rachel. She chose a new path and yes, we can cope without trashing the person in her time slot the other four days of the week. All things must change.

Again, this was the end of Alex’s fourth day in the chair. FOUR DAYS! Could that judgmental person give her and her show a break?

Such a small thing.

But that’s the way it works on social media:

Everyone has an opinion, whether they know what they are talking about or not. The poster’s judgmental, intolerant tone pushed my buttons and I pushed back. But this is what goes on with social media: everyone has a bully pulpit and ignorance is spread. When buttons get pushed, some degree of anxiety comes up.

Which is not good.

It’s hard to see the BS all over Facebook and not want to weigh in with a “hey, wait a minute!” But ignorant people don’t want to wait a minute. Take a step back. They want to believe what they want to believe.

We’ve seen the damage social media can do to teens’ self-image. Even to the point of pushing them to suicide. And we can see how people’s perceptions are manipulated by false news spread by unsavory and inaccurate sources.

The stupidity I see daily on Facebook is mind-boggling.

Is it time for a social media fast?

For some that means actually deleting apps from their phones. Those who actually do this report that they find themselves reflexively checking their phones constantly. Because checking social media has become a habit hard to break.

I’ve already begun reducing my time on social media. I haven’t been so successful in resisting the urge to bring facts to sadly misinformed people who spread their misleading observations daily. Occasionally, I still weigh in. But I am writing this in late August and I am working on resisting the urge to respond. Because really, there’s no point. It’s just anxiety-producing.

I’m reading this again in October and yeah, I just responded to someone. But still, a rarity.

It’s unlikely that I’ll delete apps because I do use social media for my business and my blog. Not a lot, but some. On my business Facebook page I post inspirational messages four times a day and I’d like to continue that. Oh, what’s the page? https://www.facebook.com/ahealingspirit/

Also, I like being notified of performances or exhibitions I might want to see.  Or events.

But for sure I’m consulting the feed far less than I used to and who knows? I may never consult it. I may just look for targeted information.

At first i just suspected it, but now i know for sure: less time on social supports good mental health.

What about you? Have you considered reducing your time on social media? I just deleted my Twitter account.

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6 comments on “Why rush to judgment when you could take a social media fast, instead
  1. Bobi says:

    Because being judgmental is so much more fun! (just kidding!) I never joined FB because of Mr. Z and his original intentions for creating it (see my first sentence.) I do tweet but do not appreciate what that is becoming and plan to delete my account soon. I tend to read mostly blogs (like yours) where both the blogger and the community behave with relative kindness. I still have anxiety from things I see, but when I talked to a therapist recommended by my doctor, she suggested I ignore not just social media but all news as well. She told me she prefers a ‘stick your head in the sand approach’ and that’s how she keeps her sanity. I don’t prefer that method and she’s no longer my therapist.

  2. Lynda Beth Unkeless says:

    I posted almost daily on Facebook for over five years. Mostly my photographs.
    I stopped posting on Facebook in 2020, except for once a year on my birthday.

    Leaving Facebook to post only once a week on Instagram is one of the best decisions I ever made!

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