Sometimes, the differences make the depth

August 21, 2010

When we’re young, we tend to form friendships with people who are most like ourselves. That’s really what happens with high school cliques, isn’t it?

But as we mature (if we mature), most of us learn that we have something in common with everyone, even people quite dissimilar to us. When we focus on those commonalities and not the differences, when we befriend diverse others, our lives become richer, more textured.

Those were my thoughts when I saw this beautiful story about an unlikely friendship: (please watch video before reading on)

Is there an opportunity today for us to be more open, more trusting and more accepting of others’ uniqueness? To take a risk?

Are there relationships in which we’ve focused more on differences than commonalities, and can we find the commonalities and celebrate them?

This won’t work for every relationship. For example, there are elephants in my family that would stomp someone’s stomach in a heartbeat, just out of insecurity. Like maybe mine.

So it’s important to choose wisely.

But stepping out of a familiar pattern and enjoying another person’s differences could lead to a friendship as unlikely –and as deep–as Bella and Tarra’s.

One comment on “Sometimes, the differences make the depth
  1. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful Carol! Nothing to add to your blog today other than thank you for being so astute as to realize that we can lean so much from out animal and insect friends on the planet!

    I love the part of your blog where you were wrote about some “elephants” who could stomp on your stomach and hurt you! The metaphor was priceless.

    You made me start my day with a huge smile.


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