The romance of special ornaments

December 11, 2015

special-christmas-ornamentsMaybe like us, you have way too many ornaments. Our Christmas tree last year was over-the-top laden with ornaments, but this year, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to trim the tree with only the special ornaments acquired on our travels. Because when we travel, we always buy a special ornament to remind us of the trip. And this year, we’ve been back together long enough to have collected quite a few.

Backstory: my first husband and I were divorced and living other lives for 27 years when we got back together. No, not from Facebook or anything like that. Destiny. The story is HERE. So all our ornaments from our first, eight-year marriage, are long gone. This collection is only six years old.  

So come along and see some of our most special ornaments.

star budaThis beautiful little star came from a Christmas market in Budapest or Germany last year.

So did this lovely musical angel.
angel buda I bought a few of these and will probably hang them like an angelic choir mobile one Christmas.
Skeleton couple2 A gift from our dear friends in Santa Fe, the perfect commemoration of our remarriage. In fact, she knew us in the first go-round and was thrilled to see us reunite in 2009.
Cannada From Western Canada, one of the most beautiful places we’ve been.
Bear orn Bears are very special to me; they remind me of my father. This is a bear, right? Also from Canada.
balloon abq The Albuquerque balloon fiesta is always a fun event. We had a memorable time there a couple years ago; we’ll never forget how cold those pre-dawn hours at Fiesta Park were!
Hrt sfe I found this pretty heart on our most recent trip to Santa Fe.
London orn This one’s from, where else, but London, one of my very favorite places.
Minaret I have beautiful memories of teaching at the University of Tampa. I loved my students, my fellow faculty and especially the fantastic women I taught with. I’d teach there again in a heartbeat if I could beam up. My dear Tampa sorella gave me this minaret one Christmas. It’s Plant Hall at UT.Fr Xmas Another one from our trip to the European Christmas markets. This might have come from a market in Germany.
coyote sf From a trip to Santa Fe a few years ago. Isn’t he adorable? RiLH My husband had these made for me to remember how close Riley and our sweet Little He were. Little He crossed the Rainbow Bridge almost two years ago, but we talk of him often and we miss him so much. Talk about special ornaments and a perfect gift!
moroccoheadIt’s not really an ornament, but something Indian performers use to balance stuff on their heads, like burning candles. We found it in India and thought it made a great ornament.
Maui2 “Mele Halikimaka!” From our trip to Hawaii in August. And aren’t I lucky–girlfriend invited me to meet her at her beautiful place in just a few weeks! Girls’ trip. Oh, you want to hear the song? HERE.
Best dog Blog The “Greatest Dog” bone was a gift from my gay husband.
good dog orn I think this was, too. I’m embarrassed that my memory sucks while his is sharp as a tack, and he’s a year younger.

LR scene daytime
We filled in our tree with a few other ornaments, but our goal is to one day trim our tree with only memories, the idea of my charming and romantic husband.

So to all of you: Mele Kalikimaka!

33 comments on “The romance of special ornaments
  1. Laura Ehlers says:

    How wonderful! Rob and I have several ornaments from various trips plus old ones from our childhood which always evoke fun memories and stories when the kids help decorate.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. A good part of our tree is also ornaments from all our trips. I love remembering every Christmas all the wonderful things we’ve done as a family. Now tell me about that amazing romantic story of you and your hubby?!?!?!

  3. Jennileigh says:

    How romantic. I love things that have story. My husband and I collect shot glasses. Not quite as easy to decorate with, but they can make for a good party!

  4. Your tree looks so beautiful. Inspiration for me today since that’s what I should be doing instead of this 🙂 I’m celebrating my second year of marriage to a guy I dated in college 30 years before. Life does indeed turn on a dime. I’m off to read your story.

  5. that’s such a lovely idea – I’m paring my tree back further and further each year. I think I’ll be down to a large twig and half a dozen baubles by the time your tree is full of memories!

  6. Carol, I’ve learned a lot from you in the past two years and this post is a perfect example. A breezy tone that puts the reader at ease. A sprinkling of fun links. A nice balance of personal information. A sharing of cultural commonalities. And best of all, a link back to one of your best posts — your romantic backstory.

  7. Lisa says:

    I love this, a tree full of meaning rather than a matching theme. It makes me sad for all the ornaments I’ve lost over the years as I’ve moved countries ????.

  8. Roz Warren says:

    What fun to admire each new ornament and then learn the story behind it. My favorite was that wonderful musical angel.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Your ornaments are so special and lovely. How meaningful, too, with memories of wonderful places and experiences.

  10. Michelle R says:

    That post really put me in the Christmas spirit and made my eyes misty thinking of all of our special ornaments. Like you, we have a tree full of memories and love. Thanks for sharing your tree (and ornaments) – lovely!

  11. I love everything about Christmas and since we don’t celebrate I adore looking at ornaments on everyone’s tree! Thanks for sharing these special ones. Loved them. P.S. We missed the Balloon Festival when we were in Santa Fe by one week – darn!

  12. I love the idea of decorating your tree with special ornaments that will remind you of your travels! I love the hot air ballon ornament!

  13. andi says:

    the ornaments are all beautiful – i actually just won two angel ornaments in a raffle drawing – also including a cute cup set 😀

  14. Barbara says:

    As we pared down with our last move we gave many of our ornaments to our kids. Some were things they’d made or just were sentimental to them. I enjoy the special ones we have kept for our tree. Our ‘family’ Christmas is next weekend and we haven’t even bought our tree yet! But, I do work better under pressure. 😉
    Merry Merry to you both!

  15. We swear to pare down every year, but the problem is that every single ornament is a memento of something or another from our previously full nest. Maybe next year.

    I love the balloon ornament!

  16. Carolann says:

    Each one of your ornaments is prettier than the next. I love how each one has a special meaning. We have a bunch like that too. I always enjoy looking at them and thinking of the wonderful moments that inspired them. Beautiful tree Carol!

  17. This is such a clever blog post idea! I love the stories behind your ornaments. I have a bunch of them too, and every year when I unpack them, it’s like seeing old friends because of all the memories that come flooding back when I see them.

  18. Mary says:

    I love the idea of buying ornaments at each place you travel. I think I just might copy your great idea. Your ornaments are wonderful and thank you for tell us the back story.

  19. Dogvills says:

    Everything is so pretty. I like the idea of putting up memorable ornaments.

  20. Your tree looks so beautiful and that’s such a lovely idea!!

  21. Hi Carol! Yes, this is a great idea to commemorate all your travels and fun on your Christmas Tree. And what a fun thing to buy as your travel gift to remind you when you return. Years ago I started buying crosses (no we aren’t Catholic as you know) because I loved the variety and “art” of them so now we collect those when we travel. Sort of the same. Thank you for sharing your memories with us and have a wonderful Christmas 2015! ~Kathy

  22. Michele says:

    I enjoyed your post. I also collect ornaments from all of our travels- they are little, cheap and easy to bring home in a carry on. I agree that it is so fun to go back and look at all of our memories on our tree. I wrote a similar post about special ornaments on my blog last week- only focused on the ones my mother gave us each year commemorating the events of that year. Merry Chirstmas!

  23. Kathleen says:

    What a nice idea with your special ornaments. I loved reading your story and so glad that Prince Charming is back in your life. I love a good romance story, especially real ones. I am sure all our readers a the Blogger’s Pit Stop like them too.

  24. Brianna says:

    Those are some special ornaments. 🙂 I love how they tell a story.:)

  25. Susan cooper says:

    Collecting Christmas ornaments has been a hobby of mine ever since can remember. Everytime I go on trip somewhere the first thing I do is buy a special ornament to remeber it by. It is so fun decorating the tree each year and pulling out a box of memories in the ornaments. ☺

  26. ornaments says:

    Pretty, as always. Now i am collecting these for the past couple of years and am slowly building out my collection with the years prior to when I started purchasing them

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